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Coming With Travel Bugs


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Hello, This is probably my second post to forums so I hope it works. We are leaving shortly for S Africa with a stop on the way. We wil be in Pretoria-Kruger July 20-25, Mozambique and then to Capetown on August 6-10. Would like to drop off some travel bugs from USA or swap some BUT I ran out of time. Will try to check email in a day or so. Would love to me a local cacher. Loaded some Capetown area cacher into the gps but no printouts and our plane leaves soon. and didn't get maps. What were we thinking??? Mail appreciated. THANKS. CASAS

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Hello South African Geocachers,

We were unable to cache in the Pretoria area as the SAA strike took away

our caching time. We had to hop on a Greyhound to get to Mozambique to meet

our next flight up north. Sorry we did not get to meet cachers there. We would have LOVED to swap for a S Africa coin. We will still swap if that can be done via postal services. We didn't get many chances to email until we arrived in in Capetown where we were able to meet up with Bear and Fox. We loved caching in your country and appreciate the offers of help. Maybe one day we can return the favor for a Cacher visiting our country.


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Hi Casas,


It was a pleasure showing you (a fraction of) the sites. A pity your stay was so short, and that the weather didn't play the game though!


Hopefully next time you'll have time for some of the caches requiring a hike. Some good ones there.


Thanks also for the geocoins, as it will be nice to see something other than TBs circulating in the caches.


To the South Africans, I can strongly recommend showing a visitor the sites: not only will you be of great assistance to visitors, but will also learn much about caching in another country.


Keep well,

Bear + Fox

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Hi Bear and Fox,

I know of another cacher coming at least as far as Johannesburg as I believe they'd have to stop there on their way to Botswana. I am going to email them

and encourage them to post on the Forum. Yesterday I read series of logs

where the connection was never made at the airport. We thought sharing ideas

and talking with local geocachers was informative and fun. We hope more people

get the idea. I hope we keep in touch and continue to share ideas. We would like to come back one day too but it's a long long way!



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