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Caching Along The Highways?

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Thanks! I'm using a meridian color, so I'll go and look around for some mapping software for it. Looks like I'll upgrade and do a few PQ at the least.



Once you have a MapSend product for your GPS, you can use it, along with GSAK to easily filter caches along a route. I find that the current best way to do this is to create a waypoint for every freeway exit along the route, load that into the point filter in GSAK and then filter on 1 mile from any exit. Works like a charm.



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:rolleyes: I'm stumped.

Actually, the cache is in the stump!


To help un-stump anyone:


I did a clinic on paperless caching at Midwest Geobash last weekend. One of the topics I covered was selecting caches along a route in either MapSource or DeLorme Street Atlas using GSAK. Anyone wanting either of these Word documents, please send me an email thru my profile.

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I guess I use the primitive way. I go the USPS webpage, enter in a city I will be near, come up with the zip code, then enter into a search at gc.com. I am somewhat technical but only to a point.


We also going to Mt Rushmore after Labor Day so we'll be seeking caches along I-90.

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