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Rain Rain Go Away...


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HI Shady!

We cache as a family year round in Conn. & our girls(10&7) love it! That's what boots are for=PUDDLES! Getting dirty together is a blast & bonds us! Kids love to see their parents play! B)

Just search thru, and read thru several caches that you CAN do in different weather. Like, shorter walks & park-n-grabs.

Go out & have fun!

B) Leslie

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I have cached in most weather, I thought all was ok with me. This weekend I changed my mind. I was in a horseshoe tournamnet Saturday. Four hours at 110° (placed 1st woo hoo)...gawd I thought I was gonna die. Lesson... I will not go out for more than a few hours if it is over 100°

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Not too much, the weather is just a hazard, there is no bad weather, just people who dress bad for weather. Someone said that, I forget their name.

billy connolly has said no such thing as wrong weather just wrong clothes.


saying which i can't stand that light drizzle you get that seems capable of getting through under or around everything!

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Went bike caching with a group of cachers yesterday. We agreed to meet in the parking lot at 9am. After shifting the parking by a couple of miles at the last minute because of an event, we finally hit the trail at about 9:45am. We found our first cache of the day at 10:00. At about 10:02, the rain started.

the rain finally let up at about 3pm, just as we were giving up searching forthe one cache we logged a DNF on. In between, we'd logged finds on eight other caches.

After the rain ended, we went to four more caches before finally calling it a day.


Bad weather? What's that?

I've been out caching in every sort of weather from 100f and sunny to -20f and pitch darkness. There really isn't any weather that I won't go out caching in. The only difference the weather makes is going to be in how I prepare for the trip.

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It's 95 degrees here (so far) and the heat index is a comfortable 112. We've been teased with rain for the last week, but it's basically done nothing for the last month. Not good for farm country.


I nabbed two caches yesterday (one FTF). I was going to go on a 100 mile caching trip today, but I had a change of plans. Sitting inside in the AC seems liek a lot more fun right now. :anibad:



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Rain is the best time for caching in the Summer . . . there are no muggles, the GPS is watertight, sandwich-bag the PPC, reception is good and once you are wet enough - you can't get wetter.


Had a super day caching in Chas. SC recently with amazing reception under clouds and really heavy rain (& trees). You only have to protect the logs to keep them dry by opening them under cover.


Never let rain keep you indoors . . . learned this in S. California - a hint of rain and you can go to Disneyland with NO lines on any rides. My kids & I went on Space Mtn. at least ten times with no waiting.

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