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Does Anyone Ever Go Alone?

ADK 46-R

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I did my first once (ever) yesterday and went alone. It was a really steep hill to climb, but I took it easy. When I got to the top and found the cache, I phoned my husband and told him if I didn't show up in an hour, to come and find me, as I was dreading the return down. However, I found a much easier way down. Guess I will learn some better mountaineering/hiking skills thru this new hobby. He's coming with me today though.



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I cache alone. My friends think I'm weird for chasing after tupperware in the woods. But then they've always said I was weird.

I think that is the first response most people will have, but who cares, it's great to get outside and enjoy the day, I usually go alone, sometimes with my son or sons sometimes with a friend I work with. He's even willing to go out looking for others after some of the caches I have found that took him longer.

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I cache alone during the day, although I am not very good when alone-because I am too leary of certain situations. I won't even get out of the car at some stops, where I probably would if I weren't alone. And some places I just won't stick my hand! And it doesn't help being short, I can't reach alot of the caches! So on the weekends it is usually myself with my hubby and/or 6yr old daughter. We do the easier ones with her, the tougher terrain ones I do only with hubby. He gets to stick his hands in places I wouldn't! :P However, they don't have log-in id's, and don't really care to, so every find is logged in only under my name, and I try to make a note of whether I was out alone or with others.


Oh and when I do go alone, I carry mace on a lanyard around my neck, and a walking stick AND a knife in my pocket. And if I start feeling uncomfortable, I will get the mace out and walk with it in my right hand, GPSr in my left. Or I turn around and leave. :P

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I like walk very long hikes sometimes and I do't met anybody that wants to come with me walking more than 15 kilometers.


And sometimes I upload very nice tracks to my ForeRunner and I run until reaching to the cache.


I go alone in both cases, about 35% of times.

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I often go alone, and I enjoy the solitude, especially on hikes in undeveloped areas. But going alone has some safety issues. I have taken a few tumbles in the deep woods which could have resulted in an an injury which would have left me stranded. Cell phones often don't work in the boonies, especially in deep valleys. Its a good idea to let someone know where you are going. And I have been followed in a wooded suburban park for rather long distances by an individual with questionable motives ... somewhat un-nerving.

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