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Multi-national Cache


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I'm thinking of hiding a rather unusual cache. I don't know what or how yet, but I've got an idea of linking up a cache that I place to a similar themed one in another country. I don't really know how they'll link up or what they could have in common yet. Anyone got any ideas or suggestions? If anyone wants to give it a go, email me. I'm thinking of placing one in a haunted Abbey if thats any good to you...

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Here are a couple of cache-pairs that are like that:


British American Transatlantic Geocache - American

British American Transatlantic Geocache - British




Just Across the Pond / West to East

Just Across the Pond / East to West


There's also this one that pairs up two caches in Massachusetts and Michigan:

Wayland 9.0 - Mish Mash Cache (Massachusetts)

Mish Mash Cache (Michigan)

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Go for it. This one makes you work with a Canadian cacher to swap coords for the second stage after you find stage one. There is also a link on that cache page to the inspiration cache which pairs a US with a UK cacher to complete the mission. I'm sure there are some more examples out there.


One of the greatest aspects of geocaching is the community that has developed over the past five years. :)

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