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Wyoming Geocoin


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:) Just heard about the new Wyoming Geocoin at the Nancy English GeoMeet today. I came here and read the thread. From what I can tell, the limit is 2 silvers and no limit on bronze. I voted for my favorite today and you can put me down for 2 silver and 5 bronze. Hey WYlostinMa, please keep us informed about the design chosen and when the coins will be available, K? Looks to me like these will be sold before they are made. Thanks again for the efforts on the GeoMeet, we had a great time.
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I will try and answer the questions I see from above..


The cost of GC.COM tracking is $1.50 per coin with a 1500 coin minimum. At $10.50 for a silver coin one would have to sell almost 215 coins to just cover the cost of making them trackable. What you lose on each coin you can make up on volume???

WYlostinMA has visited with someone and he has all the costs taken care of. I believe we are still working on $5.50ish for bronze $10.50ish for silver.


Until I get a better count from the others in our NEW buying group, I'd guess we would be interested in around a dozen of the Silver coins.

A group is only allowed two silver coins. Each of your group members will need to order silver coins individually.


I didn't know you were taking orders already

No orders have been taken, we are just kinda trying to get a tally of what we need to mint. Currently we are at 493 bronze - 87 silver !!!


What are the stats on the silver coin? Solid 0.999 silver 1 oz. like the Alaska coin, or something else?

They are not .999 silver... but I honestly can't tell you what they are. sorry


The designs were hashed over at the last geo-meet in Casper. The design is being reworked and will be posted when completed. WYlostinMA and Lady K..thanks again for all the hard work.

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I represent the recently formed, Utah Based COin Ordering Liaison "COOL" group. At present, we would like 51 of the bronze coins (SirGerald already posted a desire for about 35, I'm just updating that...it's the same group). Please scratch my previous request for 5 coins, as my order will now be part of COOL. There are a few other Utah Cachers that previously made coin requests, who will also be part of the COOL order (I noticed Utahbill, Dhobby, SirGerald, and Rubicon Brothers at a glance). They will each make their own note in this forum. Please contact me when ready to finalize orders for this coin edition. Also sent PM.


Since it doesn't look like we'll be able to order the silver coins as a group, please put me down for 2 of those. If you decide to let us order as a group, just let me know and I'll get you a count.




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I'm in, but I'd like to at least see the coin or the concept before I set a number!

possibly tomorrow.... we have it set up and are just waiting on the accounting side of things to get lined up. We will be making a new thread with the official ordering and there you will be able to seen the conceptual design of the coin. Won't be long now!

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