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Some Attractive Prices

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Nice find, Embra.


Explorist has been well discussed, but we don't hear a lot about Quest here. Here's a good review on them: http://www.gpsinformation.us/quest/questrev.html


$350 for a 115Mb color unit that includes the detail mapping s/w and spoken turn by turn directions is a great price for a certain class of users. Quest pricing has fallen at a number of vendors in recent weeks, but this is the lowest I've seen.

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There's a website called resellerratings.com, where there are reviews of purchasing from various websites. (Bizrate tends to be overwhelmingly positive -- resellerratings seems more honest.) Since I hadn't heard of Comp-u-plus, I looked them up there. Their rating is fair, things seem to go okay as long as you don't need customer service assistance. Just thought I'd mention the review site, since you often have to be careful who you purchase electronics from online.

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I own a Garmin Quest (as well as a MeriPlat and a Gecko 201) that I use in the car, on my motorcycle and for casual geocaching. I use all of these units regularly for different activities, but lately, I've found myself using the Quest for just about everything.


I got it to replace a Garmin 2610 which was stolen from my car and I like the Quest better even though it lacks the large touchscreen & remote of the 2610.


Memory-wise, I was initially concerned that I would not have enough, but it turns out that it's ample for day to day usage and the occasional roadtrip. Just don't leave your laptop at home if you decide to go cross-country... It would be perfect if it supported SD cards.


I haven't tried geocaching with it under a thick tree cover, but I imagine that it would not perform any worse than any other unit with a patch antenna.


The flip-up antenna is not ideal for backpacks or pockets. The unit is well built but I'd be worried about dropping it, scratching it, etc. Also, the Quest doesn't support Topo maps (that I know of). That's where the MeriPlat comes in [:rolleyes:]


The bottom line: the Quest is just an outstanding GPSr for most applications except for hardcore hikes. Btw, it's a FAST unit too!

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I think my Quest is great for on-road use with both my car and motorcycle as well as the occasionally geocache (found my first three caches with it :rolleyes: ) The main reason I got my etrex is that the Quest is a little ackward for hiking; gotta have one have for it. When I'm out geocaching, I use the Quest to get me to where I'm going to park the SV650S and then switch to the Legend.

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I wonder why the Quest is about 200 bucks cheaper than a similarly equipped (City Select, car mount, 12 V cable -- not to mention the battery and the extra memory)  60C.


Is it that much slower/crappier, or are 60C/CS buyers being robbed blind?

I think This New Model might have something to do with falling Quest prices.


I like that it comes preloaded with City Select and looks like it still has 140MB for more maps.


I have yet to see them at online retailers. I even searched for Quest2 and found little.

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The reason for the price drop is because there is now a Quest 2


The Quest 2 features auto-routable, turn-by-turn, voice-prompted navigation with automatic off-route and detour recalculation. With the brilliant 256-color backlit TFT display, the Quest 2 is easy to read in any light. This waterproof unit also has a rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery that provides up to 20 hours of use.


The Quest 2 comes pre-loaded with City Select North America NT, which features full coverage of the entire United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico—including nearly six million points of interest like gas stations, ATMs, hotels, restaurants, and attractions. The Quest 2 also accepts optional MapSource cartography like U.S. Topo, U.S. Recreational Lakes with Fishing Hot Spots®, and BlueChart®.


MSRP is ~$750 and keep in mind that both the Quest and the Quest 2 use sealed LiI batteries.


For those interested, Costco.com is selling the Quest for $370. While thats $23 more than the price listed in the launch post, Costco is well know for its excellent customer service and very generous return policy. You have one year to return defective merchandise.

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