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Personal Geocoin Artwork


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I am looking to have a personal geocoin made but I am not at all artistic. I started out working with KV Coins until they sent me the first draft of the coin. It was then that I realized they weren’t going to be able to do the job. I would have been satisfied if they had explained why they seemingly ignored my design instructions, but that didn’t happen.


So now I am looking around for someone that is good with Photoshop, has some time, and is willing to help with the artwork. I’d be happy to pay if the price is within reason.


The first thing I am looking to do is doctor up this lizard pic to use for one side of the coin. There are some rocks (not all) that need to be removed, a tail to “reroute” and a foot to fill in. (I have other pics showing the lizard’s full tail and his foot.) If anyone thinks they can help, or knows someone who can, please e-mail me.






Niki of the Dzrtgrls

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I'm pretty darn good with Photoshop (I make a living from it), but the problem I would have is knowing very little about the coin-making process. What would they need, how would they want it, etc. I would be willing to give it a shot, but no official promises!


Currently working on my own coin design...

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Thanks to everyone that has responded here and by e-mail. The Dillon Gang is going to give the photo doctoring a shot.


I have some sample coins coming from www.coinsandpins.com and I may be using them to make the coin. I just don’t want to go to them, like I did with KV Coins, with so much artwork to be done. If I can get the lizard pic doctored up for one side and then get the back landscape done (still thinking about the design) I think it will be easier for the company that does the coins.


Thanks joefrog for offering to help. If Steve of The Dillon Gang has some trouble I might shoot you an e-mail and see if you can help. Steve seems to think it is all doable, although the tail will be a challenge. We’ll see how it works out. Good luck with your coin. I am sure it will turn out great being that you know your way around Photoshop.


Thanks again,

Niki of the Dzrtgrls

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