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Question About Grabbing Tbs And Jeep Bugs

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the rules.


We have noticed several times in our area when a TB or Jeep TB is left in a cache that folks who have already found the cache go back and grab the bugs and then post a note that they took them. They must have the caches on their watchlist. I know the Jeep TBs are a hot commodity.


Is this okay to go back to an already found cache or even one that you own to grab TBs...does everyone do it. How does that work?


Thanks for your help on this...again just wondering what the geocaching etiquette is for this type of situation.

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It is perfectly alright to go back to a cache you already found and grab a TB. You post a note (not a find) for the site and indicate that you grabbed a TB. You go to the TB site and report that you picked it up. Then, the TB is attached to you until you release it to another cache. When you release it you can report it with your find. There is a small screen at the bottom of the page listing the TB's attached to you. You click on the one you dropped and it gets attached to the cache.

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There is a new "GOAL" each month for the WJTBs. Grabbing the same bug again the next month is perfectly acceptable if you have it on your watch list and it shows up again in your area. There were 5000 2005 WJTBs to start the 2005 contest. Ocassionally the Yellow jeeps show up and are still on the move. B) ImpalaBob

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The first WJTB I found was in a cache I had previously logged, saw the jeep icon next to the cache name went out and grabbed it, then placed the jeep in a cache I hadn't found yet. So far I've managed to find and move 3 jeeps, haven't taken any pics yet to enter the contest, just having find finding the tbs.

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