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Bc Geocoin Design Ideas


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What do you think of when you hear British Columbia?  Please post your ideas for design!

Orca, salmon, Haida Gwaii, the ocean, marijuana, ferries, mountains, douglas fir, arbutus, ....


My opinion ... since you're selling these internationally, you might as well go for the more assumed symbols of the province, even if people living in the province are tired of them to some degree.


I'd include a Haida Gwaii drawing of an Orca on one side ... and perhaps salmon or mountains or forest on the other side ... or include all three on the obverse ... stream with salmon in foreground, in mid-ground douglas firs, in background mountains.


Here's a crappy image I drew (and I another I copy-pasted) as an example:



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In additional to the above-mentioned ideas: mountains, glaciers and rivers a la Alsek and Tatshenshini Rivers, White Pass, and Chilkoot Pass.


Edit: Temporarily geographically challenged...Lake Kluane and Mt. Logan are in YT...we knew that!?! Had a great roadtrip from Alaska through YT and northern BC several years ago and loved it and the above are the lasting impressions for an outsider of a BC trip.

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As much as I like Coast Salish design and Orca's, both of those symbols are primarily coastal symbols. The interior of BC has entirely different symbols. To truly represent all of BC, both the coast and the interior should be represented. Perhaps a coastal design on one side and an interior design on the other.


From a coastal perspective, Orcas are native to the entire west coast of North America so an Orca symbol is no more representative of BC than it is for Washington, Oregon, California or Alaska. Coast Salish designs are fairly unique to BC as are totem poles. I think either are a good choice for one side of the coin.


From an interior perspective, how can you not include the Rocky Mountains? Other symbols like salmon, Douglas Fir trees, etc are certainly symbolic of BC but how well do they translate to a coin? How does someone looking at a coin tell that the fish is actually a salmon or the tree is actually a Doug Fir?


A marijuana leaf is certainly recognizable however I'm not sure that is a symbol that your really want to represent BC. However, with marijuana symbology you might find a market for the coins that you hadn't anticpated. B)


I'm not keen on using the BC flag as it is too similar to logos used by local political parties and is not really recognizable outside of BC. I'm also not keen on any logos similar to the GC logo like there is on the Canadian geocoin which, IMHO, is a truly ugly coin.


For sure, you're not going to get a consensus in the forums or even from a committee. I think the discussion is valuable but the final decision should be left up to whoever is putting up the money and doing all the planning and legwork.

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Salmon have a fairly distinctive mouth, so it shouldn't be too hard to tell that it isn't a trout or a pike. And Douglas Fir are a fairly distinctive sort of tree, certainly much different than pine or alders or birch or etcetera.


As for the orca ... the point there is to use a Haida Gwaii type image, whether it's a bear or an eagle or a wolf or a cougar is no nevermind. The Haida Gwaii are fairly representative of BC, even if they are a coastal people.


Anyhow, since there are two sides to every coin, one can be used to represent the coast, and the other to represent the interior. Pretty much as I've demonstrated with the example drawing. Specifics are left to the BCGA.


Anyhow, I'm not going to buy any coins. But I thought it would be fun to weigh in with some design ideas.

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For sure, you're not going to get a consensus in the forums or even from a committee. I think the discussion is valuable but the final decision should be left up to whoever is putting up the money and doing all the planning and legwork.

Yes, this is very true. The main idea behind this thread was to just jumpstart some ideas. The final design will be created by committee but going into the design process with as many ideas as possible makes it a little easier.


I really like your idea of representing both coastal and interior areas on the same coin.

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How about an inukshook? See them all the time.


The word "eh" could be thrown on there, a picture of Tim Horton's or the grumpy looking border patrol guys, (j/k the grumpy guys are on this side of the border...)

Inukshooks are a an Inuit thing and not representative of BC, despite the olympic logo.


Tim Horton's is now an American company and has it's original roots in Ontario. :blink:

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I really think one side of the coin should be used for the BC Geocaching logo, if there is one yet, or a blend of BC representation and the sport of geocaching. The other side would look good with a scenic/wildlfie montage that can reflect as many of BC's ecosystmems as possible.


Salmon run a lot farther inland than we on the coast may realize so I think they may be appropriate. Lodge pole pine is the dominate species in BC by a huge magnitude over fir. I am sure all would agree mountains are a must.


What about the prairies of the Peace or the ranches of the Chilcooton?

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