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Taking A Trip

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I have the legend c with basic software that came with it. I am taking a trip in a few weeks. My question is, can I somehow set a way point at my destination address? If so how do I put in an address? Can I download something? I really don't want to buy the software,(I don't use the gps a whole lot).



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Where ever you are press mark, then change the lattitude and longitude that comes up to the lat, long you get from mapquest.


(this will keep you from moving your cursor all the way across the map looking for a specific cord, that would take a long time)




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You can also use TravelGIS to type in an address and get the coordinates. Don't forget to type in the code shown on the image into the first cell (which keeps people from automating use of the site). Also, like mapsourse, the units are dd.dddddddddd that need to be converted to dd.mm.mmm (multipy .dddddddd times 60) unless you change the format in your GPSr.

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I really don't want to buy the software,(I don't use the gps a whole lot).

Others have already indicated how to enter waypoints into your GPS. But I'd suggest that you reconsider getting the CitySelect software. It would make the LegendC much more useful for a variety of things beyond geocaching and would probably lead you to use the unit far more frequently. Besides being able to enter addresses directly it would show you a recommended way to get there, direct you with beeps and arrows at each turn, show you the location of many businesses, parks, museums, etc.

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I could point you to the numerous times that geocoding or coordinate conversion has been discussed, but I'll instead take this opportunity to help you and show off a stupid GPSBabel trick:


$ echo "39.670007, -104.874122, dude" | gpsbabel -i csv -f - -o text -F -


dude N39 40.200 W104 52.447 (13S 510796 4391140)


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uhhh ok I suppose I will help.....


N 39.670007

W 104.874122


Which is also:



Quite a bit of caches close might want to hit them as well.


Peace out,


Just in case you need to do this again, and dont have Robert's software:


39.670007° is 39 degrees plus .670007 degrees. 60 minutes per degree, so .670007 degrees times 60 minutes/degree is 40.200 minutes (rounded).


104.874122° is 104 degrees plus .874122 degrees. 60 minutes per degree, so .874122 degrees times 60 minutes per degree is 52.447 minutes.


Therefore 39.6700007° = 39° 40.200' and 104.874122°= 104° 52.447'


Robert also gave you UTM coordinates, which my simple math won't do. Who'd of thought you would ever have a use for the the old "factor label" math from middle school?

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