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Benchmark Picture Contest 2005 Part 2

Black Dog Trackers

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Here's part 2 of the 2005 collection of excellent benchmark pictures.

Be sure to enjoy 2005 part 1 and 2004!


Once again here's the picture 'contest' 'rules'.



Contest rules:


1. No intersection stations (the station IS the tower, building, etc.) Why? Well they all look pretty good, but they're not really all that 'benchmarky'.


2. The disk has to be at least vaguely visible in the picture. No - 'view from', 'the area', etc. with no PID marker in it. Why? It's gotta be a Benchmark picture!


3. It has to be a PID in the database, or at least one of its reference marks or its azimuth mark (in case they don't have their own PID).


4. No closeup of just the disk. (Comeon, it's just a disk - where's the nice scenery?)



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I was browsing the BM picture gallery & saw this nice shot...



KW3207 HOFFPORT by ChilliWilli -


The next picture is really cute, it is actually MY3728

STATE BOUNDARY O CONN 1937 but the description & picture is listed here MY3729 TRI STATE. There is a cache close by that is letting cachers become benchmark hunters & some are not logging the momument also. They are missing out on another benchmark find...





A great shot by Team Min Dawg


Thanks guys for the picts!

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Yep, all this time, I've been savin' 'em up!!!

Kick back, relax, and enjoy these excellent benchmark pictures!




Steep by duke22



E 74 by ArtMan



Tantlus by duke22



Dutton Mags 1934 by Munin (looking toward Boston)



Juniper by Me & Bucky



New Home Bench by duke22



Yosemite Point by ltleelim



Speckled by ddnutzy



Wilkerson by RustyBeerCan



147 M USGS by CallawayMT


10's the picture post limit, so I'm pausing for station identification (heh heh heh) :blink:

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I just wanted to share two "gorgeous benchmark locations" I've visited this Summer. Rich in NEPA and I have both found these marks, but we are still working on our logs.




GREAT HEAD (PE1783) in Acadia National Park, Maine.




BURNETT (KU4050) in Palisades Interstate Park, New Jersey. This mark is a chiseled cross rather than a disk.


(I sincerely hope that I am not blocking too much of the view in either case. :P)


Thanks, Rich, for the photos!





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In the shadow of HV7097 and HV7098 (August 13, 2005)


The marks in this case are the red-and-white stacks at the power plant across the Potomac River. The crossing is the nicely-named Harry Nice Memorial Bridge, and the kids playing on the beach are unidentified, but happy.



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Oops. My bad. I failed to RTFM. Contest supremo declared No Intersection Stations, and I posted two. For shame. I hope BDT will forgive me this transgression. In my defense, one shot is an impressionistic, non-standard view of a very well known obelisk, and I was the first to log it here. The other is just a nice scenic shot despite the presence of two (two!) intersection stations in the same frame.




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Posted: Aug 14 2005, 01:27 PM

I hope BDT will forgive me this transgression. In my defense, one shot is an impressionistic, non-standard view of a very well known obelisk, and I was the first to log it here. The other is just a nice scenic shot despite the presence of two (two!) intersection stations in the same frame.

Yes of course! :laughing: It was more like a guidance anyway (to quote a recent movie). All the pictures posted here by everyone are excellent, and fun to look at!
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This is about as good as it has gotten in my area. The view was wonderful but the day was hazy so it didn't capture well in a picture. Still, fall here in the east is great to see.





I accidentally took another one--with the sun in the background you can see how nice a day this was.







Edited to add PID links and another pic.

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I initially found HT0700 in Oct 2004. Because of a series of unfortunate events (not near as serious as the events in the book series!), I never took nor posted a picture of this benchmark. I happened to be in the area yesterday and corrected that oversite.



You'll recognize the Golden Gate Bridge. :P And that brick building underneath the left side of the bridge is Fort Point, the only civil war era fort on the west coast! (See HT3036 )

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The last day of 2005! Winter benchmark hunting is just as challenging if not more so, but nice views are elusive. Here's the last of 2005 that I have collected. Do any of you have any late faves to add?



C 248 by CallawayMT



Q 311 by square nail






GARFIELD by Me & Bucky


These topics are too big, even 2 per year. I think I will try quarterly topics for 2006.

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