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Woohoo...we Did It


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I have several caches logged into my gps. Dd and I actually knew where 2 where just by the description. The 2 we knew of were both virtual caches. We didnt have time to do anymore than just the 2. We set out late, didnt have time. Anyway, we have emailed the cache owner with the required info. Now it is just a matter of waiting till we can log them. Dd was running that gps like a pro. She also is getting a lesson in using the camera. Dd will be a pro at this before long. She is already thinking of great ideas for her swag.



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Although some Virtual cache owners are very good about contacting the finder, others are not.


If I know I have completed the requirement, and if the cache owner doesn't specifically state to not log the cache until I am notified, I go ahead and log the Virtual.


Ooooh . . . that reminds me. I have a Virtual I need to complete. :o

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