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Maryland Geocoin Order Info


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Is there an updated list of those who you have recieved payment from, by check and by paypal?

You can send an email to Dancingfool. We finished up the labels today (individually labeling each of 2000 coins with the activation code based on the tracking number on the coin) and he said most have gone out, there are some that still need to be mailed though. Best way to find out is to check with him if you haven't received them by Tuesday (since Monday is a holiday).



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Holy Geocoins Batman!! As Robert said we finished up labeling the coins today and I just finished packing the last order I had for shipping. There are around 400 more available for sale and I will be sending them out as they come in after this last batch goes out on Tuesday or Wednesday. Thanks for all the orders and patience with our delays.It has been a fun project though a lot bigger than I thought it would be. We did have a couple get out that were mislabeled so please check the coin against the printed label.When you see how tiny the numbers arer you will understand how it could happen.Please contact me if there are any problems. A list of those who paid is just too big(over 300) so if you are unsure contact me. I will try to contact all those who pre ordered but I was unable to connect to payments.If you got a confirmation from Pay Pal I got your payment and they are on the way. I am very pleased with the coins and think you will be as well.

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My order for three has been placed. Thanks. I figure I owe my brother something for the nice geocoins that he sends me. A Maryland geocoin should make a hit in Seattle.

Get them while you can, we'll probably pull the ordering in a week or two (no guarantees of course!) as we'll need the remaining bit for an event.

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Robert is correct.

We are down to 300 remaining. Lots of new and re -orders coming in.If you want a couple more you should grab them now.


On another subject please verify the coin number matches the label number.Several coins were mis-labeled.Let me know if the coin number does NOT match the label and I can get you the proper activation code.The label number and activation code match so please check the actual coin for the correct number.Thanks

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