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Ng Topo On External Hd

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I am trying to load my National Geographic Topo maps to an external hard drive so that I do not fill my notebook HD with maps. I was able to make this work with my Garmin Topo maps by editing the registry file to look in the external HD. I could not find any place to make this change though for my NG Topo maps. Has anyone had any success in doing this and if so can you tell me how? Thanks.

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The FAQ covers putting the CD's on the hard drive where it was installed.


That leaves two solutions.


The first is to install it to your external HD then follow the FAQ advice. The problem is you will never run it without having that external HD attached.


The second is to edit the Registry where it tells the program the files are at. The FAQ doesn't cover that and you may have to email NG tech support. I'm not sure there is a registry entry to edit, and it may make it so that you can't run the program without the external Hd attached.

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