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Donbadabon 2005 Geocoin


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Hi all,


My 2005 geocoin is here, and I am looking to trade!


They are numbered, but not trackable. They are listed on cointracking.com.


I am looking for any metal geocoins that I do not already have.


Please take a look at my profile, and if you have something I don't, let's trade!


donbadabon profile


I also have other metal coins to trade, they are listed in my profile too.


Thanks for looking!


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I just ordered 3 through the Paypal link on cointracking.com.  Very cool.  There isn't a way to add any kind of note (Geocaching name etc..), other than that it is a very slick way to handle coin purchases.


Terrible Ts

We are working on a fuller implementation of the PayPal payment process on the CoinTracking site - it will let each buyer enter the Shipping Address, and the Seller will be able to output a complete Shipping Label list as an Excel or as a regular text file. Comments can be part of that as well.


We expect to have that ready to roll within the next couple of weeks - everything we can add to make the coin distribution and management process easier will be added, and believe me, I know what it was all about from my own Coin Edition!



August 28, 2005 @ 1:42 PM

N40° 46.565' W073° 58.756'

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