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What's Kosher For Puzzle Caches?

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Right now, I'm sitting in my chair reading books, researching, making notes, and concocting a master plan for a huge puzzle cache. But I'm in an area that they aren't forwned upon, but traditionals are mostly the codes to go by. What I plan on doing, is giving historical hints on the area I plan on making hte cache in, and making a multicache/puzzle out of it. Following a timeline of events and the person who goes caching that day will research everything they need to know, and go out with that information and use it to find caches i have hidden throughout the hills, each with a clue to the next. I need some direction, however, on what kind of cache this would be, if this is a cache that geocaching.com would frown upon. And ideas for this grand adventure?


Please throw me some help, we're new here.

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As long as you rate the cache properly, this sounds like a fun one. :unsure:

But, as far as the puzzles and stuff the only puzzle in our area is coded that once you get to the coordinates get a number and email it to the owner of the cache, mine is different, is it still puzzle. And then, how will I be able to make hints to where the other cache is, and still not give coordinates. :blink: I'm confusing myself here.

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I would think your puzzle(s) should eventually reveal an actual set of coordinates to stay within the spirit of the game. To give a verbal description of the area sought (or some other form of geolocation) may confuse those who are seeking the actual coordinates.


Oh, and to make it TRULY kosher as your thread title implies, you should have it approved and blessed by a rabbi!



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