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I Couldn't Believe My Eyes!!!!!!

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I had a cacher log one of my caches and said he found the log sheet intact in the proper location but it was not in a container. Being the quality cacher that he is, he returned a few hours later with a new container and placed the log sheet in the new container and rehid the cache.(that was very nice of him!) Well, now the rest of the story. I was cacheing at a later date and what to my wondering eyes should I find? A new cache only a few miles away in MY CONTAINER!Unbelieveable! All I could do was laugh! It's not worth making a big deal over but it is still pretty low-down!


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SHeesh! That really is low. You can get Rubbermaid or Tupperware containers for cheap at Thrift Stores, and coffee cans are free after the coffee is gone.


I'm curious, what kind of swag was in the container? Was there any? If there was, I wonder where that came from. . . ?

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The only problem with letting it slide is that this person has no consequences for their actions.


Waterproof match containers cost a couple of bucks. What will prevent this person from taking someone's brand new "Lock-n-Lock" or cleverly-cammoed ammo can next time.


I can see not wanting to make the person mad, lest they truly become a "cache pirate" . . . wait . . . that is what they already are! :unsure:

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We had 3 ammo can caches stolen in a row in our area a while ago.. At least one of these caches was in a place that people couldn't just stumble on. I got so paranoid that I went to my one ammo can hide and put a small symbol on the bottom of it in permanant marker. I figured that if mine were stolen, and I ever found an ammo can in the future with my mark on it, I would know who this mysterious thief was! Fortunately, I never had to find out.

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When we did the micro roundup, we also went around and picked up all the caches that had ever been placed by a certain cacher. One of them that we found was not only in someone else's ammo can but contained all sorts of trade items from the muggled cache. As in this person took the cache and placed it somewhere else as their own. Lame.

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I would send them an Email to bring it to their attention. You can ask for their help in figuring out who stole it. There is a possibility that they found it or even picked it up in a chache as a trade item. If they got it honestly then they may point you in the right direction to find who did take it.


If they took it then you have called them on it and they know that you know!


Was the container one of the containers that I have found? If so, I will head down and find the new caches and I will bring it to their attention.


You can always wait until you meet them and stike up a conversation about the fantastic paint job on the cache! :unsure:


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i think we should inform LE about this.

You should just put that in your sig, would save a lot of time :unsure:


On topic: That sucks. Some folks will do anything these days :huh: but you were right to not get all bent out of shape about it. We still do this for fun, no matter how many people try to change that. :blink:

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