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How Old Are You?

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I am 37 but look older :D

37!!! I was at least five years out on my guesstimate...


Oh, I'm 28...

You thought I was 42 :unsure::huh:


Thats because I have three teenage girls and the youngest leaves school next year :huh::blink::huh: It's enough to make anybody look old :D

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We're 55 and 54 respectively. There are days when we feel twice that age, and days when we feel half that age. Usually the days when we feel twice that age occur right after we've done something stupid because we had just been feeling half our age. :unsure:

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Seems like I am pretty much within the standard demographic here!


I try to always act my shoe size and not my age. Unfortunatley, this year they are both the same - we are talking continental sizes here, although I sometimes will admit to a mental age of 7. :D

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59 and I'm going to live for ever.... So far, so good :D


What do they say .......your as young as the woman you feel........that could be gill at 41.....or then theres carol at 25......then there's samantha 31.............................. :D

Sorry i nodded off then.....what was the question...ah yes!!! :D


42, and i'm going to live till i'm a 101 and be killed on the job, by a jealous husband :D:D:D

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Old enough to know better...


I have a birthday in (counts on fingers) three and a half weeks when I shall be 51. Top of the Pops on the day I was born was David Whitfield's Cara Mia.


Tosca here




will be one year old on 12 July. She doesn't come caching but she does provide hospitality for travel bugs that pass this way (usually behind the sofa or under my bed), and generally helps me with my typing.



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I'm as old as the woman I feel, that's Lynne at 44. Me, ok, real age 57, like most sometimes feel much younger, other days older. A mental age of 21 though, that's why we geocache.. I am sure that all the exercise we get out of geocaching will add a few years to us though, and keep us active. A brilliant hobby to stay fit as most will agree.....

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Thanks Artemisia.


Rutson - McD1 has started cacheing on his own - I think that was his point. I should know - I'm his father. And today he hooked his big brother into geocaching, poor sap! I know your kids have their own log-in and log caches, which is great for them, but I don't imagine they get on their bikes after school and head off on their own. At least I hope not. I'm sure there's a 13 or 14 year old out there to cap him though.

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Yes - well and truly bitten by the bug - Miss N could take it or leave it - that's why she's part of team Nibbler (and Mrs N unless it's a puzzle cache) but the lad has seized upon it. And now his big brother's partner is going to have to come to terms with it ;)


(edit was a butcher's lack of apostrophe)

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