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Are You Free Tuesday, July 19th?


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I want to say this first so that it doesn't get buried in my post and lost. Jamie provided me with softcopies of the two release documents that we all need to sign. He needs everyone who was along on the trip to fill out both documents and mail them to him. The documents are:


Unlimited Personal Release

Interview Release


The address to send them to is posted here:




Now, for the fun stuff:




What an absolutely spectacular expedition! I'm going to have to wait a while to update my favorites list, because right now I want to put every cache we visited on it! :lol:


The best part had to be the camaraderie. Everyone involved was awesome and I can't thank you enough! A special thanks goes to CENT5 for the awesome work of shuttling us out to Deception Island in his boat. That was one of the most memorable parts of the whole adventure!


For those who want to vicariously experience our adventure, here is the list of caches that we visited as a group, in order:


The Tide Doesn't Matter

Light House Point

No Deceipt Kayakers' Cache

Mal-Wart I

It's the smell of money to me

Package for Mr. Smith

Between Hayes and Main

Take a Swing

It's All for the Kids

Cookies in the park

The Path of the Watchers

Colonel Ebey's Time Capsule

Ebey Bluffs


One thing I want to add is that the benchmark we hunted down on Deception Island was stamped 1854! That is by far the oldest BM I've ever found (stop snickering! :lol:)! The age combined with the difficulty of getting to and finding it makes that one of the best BM hunting experiences I've ever had.


From the sounds of it, Jamie and Brian had as awesome a time as we did. Here are a couple of choice quotes:


I believe Brian and I experienced all that is compelling about the sport, and we got to meet some very cool people at the same time. I can't thank you enough.


I must say that while I was preoccupied with asking the right questions and covering the experience, I could very easily see the sport's appeal. A GPSr might be in my future.


Lastly, here is one of my favorite photos of the day. It is a shot from Deception Island looking back at Deception Pass:




Thanks again everyone! When is our next outing? :lol:

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Greetings all you crazy people. I am now working on the Geocaching sample chapter. Thank you for all your commentary pre- and post-caching. Not to mention the expedition, itself. Whenever I need to stay awake, I only need think of the ladder and those two driftwood rungs. Jolts me awake every time.




Jamie Friddle

Other Americans


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