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Please Help With Legend C

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i jus tbought a Gamin Legend C. it is super nice, but......i loaded all the maps onto it, but i can seem to get the thing to tell me step by step how to get to a place. it jsut tells me to get on the freeway (on an onramp that doesnt exist) and then get off the freeway (off an exist that doesnt exist) adn hten it draws a straight line to the address, and says u arrive. can someone please help me with this problem. i have read the book, and it is as unhelpfull as a younger brother. thanks again

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i installed Map Source U.S. Metro Guide, and selected my area. and it didnt do what it claimed to do..navagate to wayponts using the roads (that is why i started this thread). The Gps shows all of the roads and streets and POI in my area, but when i select "navagate"...it doesnt give me turn by turn directions how to get there (and doesnt even show a line on the map following the roads.) just a straight line to the freeway, and then up or down (even with the destination) and then a perpindicualr line to the destination.

I have a Roads and Recreatio0ns CD aswell, is that equivelent to the "city select program"?


thanks everyone for all the help.

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I'm not familiar with U.S. Metro Guide, as I use City Select for my Legend C, but when you are in the software, and go to Edit/Preferences/Routing (assuming you have those commands in the mapping program), check to see if the parameters are set up the way you want them. Things like "Use Auto-routing" vs. "Use Direct Routes," and the other categories, such as the things to avoid, like U-turns, etc. Again, I don't know if U.S. Metro Guide has these items on their preferences page, but it's worth a look to see if something is not properly configured.


Also, if you are specifically referring to Metro Guide North America, I noted the following in their compatibility data:


"MetroGuide offers automatic route capability on the PC, and is compatible with Garmin units that do not have automatic route calculation themselves."


Since your GPS does have automatic route calculation, I'm wondering if this implies that your software will not accomplish autorouting the way you expected, at street level?



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I concur with rickertk's answer. MetroGuide versions 5 and 6 do not include route calculation data for the GPSr. The older MetroGuide version 4 does do autorouting on the GPSr (albeit in a crappy way). Based on the problem you're describing, it sounds like you have the newer version 5 or 6. The GPSr is autorouting using its basemap - and that just doesn't work.


Roads and Recreation is NOT equivalent to City Select either. You need THE City Select maps if you want current map data that does autorouting on your GPSr.


Now, if you just bought the MetroGuide maps, and the store will NOT give you a refund, then you can sell your MetroGuide maps on eBay and get MOST of what you paid for it back. CLICK HERE to view auction for a used MetroGuide version 6.

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Yes, you do need Garmin's "City Select" in order for your GPS to auto route. We just made the same mistake by purchasing the MetroGuide and couldn't map our routes. Looks like we are not the only ones that spent an unecessary $100. Picked up City Select today at REI and works great! :laughing:

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