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My Eyes Would Pop If I Saw A Jeep!

Lemon Fresh Dog

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okay ... I'm sure this has been discussed (but special points to anyone that gets the topic subject references)


I want to find a Jeep. Log it. Move it.


I am not eligible for the contest -- so I couldn't care less about that. I just want to see one of the darn things .... just.... because... it would be fun.


So.... what strategies are folks using to locate Jeeps within an area? Revisiting all caches in a radius? I would gladly pay you Tuesday for this information today!

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[fail-safe strategy to see a WJTB:

a ) put any random WJTB in your area on your watchlist to find out which cacher is logging that particular jeep in and out of caches.

b ) get yourself invited to that cacher's house for dinner.

c ) sneak into the computer room, on the "potty pretext," and snap a quick picture of the jeep(s) as it/they rest(s) from the day's travels. it/they will be somewhere on the computer desk.

d ) go back to dinner and drink all his beer.]


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Hmmmm..... enough free beer and I won't even care about the Jeep.


If any cachers with white jeeps are going to be at the Mall of America from the 6th to 9th -- let me know! I'm down to the US on business.


Also, when I'm caching the area -- I will be leaving some coins in caches for those that like those types of things.


<hypnotic voice begins>

Leave those Jeeps.....leave those Jeeps .... let them travel .... away from your desk.... leave those jeeeeeeeeps.

<fade out>

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