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Western Michigan Cachers


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I saw you found my cache "Sherman's End" so I checked out your stats and found you are from the area and had started this tread. I too am from West Michigan (Muskegon) and have been cacheing for close to two years. I have another neat spot called "Lost Lake Cache" that you could try and find if you are up near the Muskegon State Park anytime soon.


I am also the choir director at Mona Shores High School in Norton Shores. I have three kids and two of the age that they enjoy coming along (especially my son). My wife tags along occasionally as well.


I don't think this is that popular a site (Midwest section) so I don't know how many responeses you will get here, but good luck.

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Hey you two...I am in Kalamazoo and the previous poster was right, this isnt very active with Michiganders because they are all over at www.mi-geocaching.org :laughing: Head on over! There are tons of Western Michigan cachers and on Wednesday nights you may even find them in the chat room

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I am from Comstock Park. I usually go with my soon to be 6 yr old daughter. I am going to take a couple of days off in Sept. and solo cache. One of the days is going to be "West Coast" day so I am sure I'll hit some of Walkingsticks cache. The park where Shermans End is located is a great family park. I have chatted with ohgrl in the MiGO chat room before.

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Hey everyone! I am living in Fruitport right now.. trying to sell my house (and a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee) because I got a job in GR.. so I'm moving to Jenison! I don't know the area too well, so anyone from Jenison that can show me the ropes, and give some great tips, I'd really appreciate it!

I go caching with my two little girls (4 and 9), my boyfriend, and his daughter (who lives in Jenison)... :lol:

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Greetings from Eastern Wisconsin. I don't know if this is the best place to ask this, but here goes. I will be visiting western MI for a day later in September. I need to try out the Lake Express From Milwaukee. So I will be in the Muskegon area for just a few hours. I am hoping some of you might suggest a few intresting caches within say twenty miles of Muskegon. Purhaps a good resturaunt too. Thanks for any help. Hope I can find my way back here. Gary H.

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Yes, My Family is very new to this (Only 3 Weeks or So). But it was love at First Cache!! We go as a family at least 3 Times per week Me My Wife 6 yr old son and 4 yr old daughter. We Love it and doing it as a family gives us a sense of closeness that we might otherwise miss out on. It would be fun to meet up with some other familys who do this so frequently as well. :-)


Ben of The Bowser Family

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Team Bindlestiff reporting for West Michigan roll call


We live on our sailboat during the summer months. For the last 2 years we've been in the Whitehall/Montague area (about 10 miles North of Muskegon)


Years prior to this we have kept the boat in Northern Michigan -- Northport, Arcadia and Traverse City areas.


We're more Letterboxers (200+ found / 100+ placed) than geocachers (25 found / 0 placed so far) However, since both hobbies involve looking for the same kind of hiding spots, we kept finding caches by accident. Which, of course, lead to actually going out and trying to find some on purpose. (grin)


For Christmas, Bindle Bum (hubby) got me my own hand-held GPS so I'd stop taking the one out of the Nav Station on the boat (mostly I think it was because I kept forgetting to put it back onboard ... lol)



---Bindle Babe

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I am very new to this; thought might be a way to get myself "out" anyone willing to maybe teach a newbie?

Hi Brenda, I live in the Hudsonville area and LOVE to geocache. My name is Amy - I'm married and have two teenage kids. We figured the whole geocache thing out in Colorado...now I'm addicted. I would love to teach you I am looking for someone to cache with who enjoys it as much as I do. Are you on Facebook? my email is timamy4@comcast.net -Amy

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So is there a West Michigan group to join? :unsure:


Michigan has one main state-wide organization, MIGO, with different chapters for the different areas around the state. www.mi-geocaching.org


There are a few other groups in the northern parts of the lower peninsula such as Northern Michigan Geocachers and Straits Area Geocachers (SAG).


Best place to meet cachers are at the monthly Meet & Greets held around the state. There is a monthly evening event in Grand Rapids, and a monthly breakfast event in Kalamazoo.

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