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Software You Use While Geocaching

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I am interested in finding out what common programs and software; free, subscription based or paying that people use to geocache. This can be maps, organization anything. I am interested in the common brands and where I can find the stuff.



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What I use and have used:

On my Treo:

CacheMate w/ the CacheNav plugin THE geocaching utility for Palm devices, IMNSHO. Works on any device with Palm OS 3.0 and above.

Best $8 I ever spent (well, there was that time in high school when I...nevermind).

Maps? I load those separately - hardly need them. There's new hacks for Google Maps to put your waypoints on them (search the forums).

CMConvert and CM2GPX

CMConvert - This program is used to convert EasyGPS XML file formats (LOC and GPX) to a format that can be installed onto a Palm OS device and imported into CacheMate. Options are also available to list waypoints contained in an XML file, and selectively convert specified waypoints.

CM2GPX - This program is used to convert CacheMate backup or import PDB files to equivalent GPX files. Extensions specific to Geocaching.com and CacheMate are automatically used as needed. Filter options are available, to selectively convert waypoints.


When I used my Nokia Series 60 phone:

GPSXC - Waypoints, maps, GPS. The author is VERY interested in putting geocaching specific features in the program (he already plans on putting a ROT13/hint decoder in, thanks to my suggestion).

GPS Babel - Take ANY format and convert it to ANY OTHER format (Oziexplorer, Garmin, loc/gpx to Streets & trips, PDB, etc).

I still use GPS Babel, it's indespensible.

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Premium Membership (For Pocket Queries)


GSAK - on the Desktop and Laptop

GPXsonar - on the PPC


MS Streets & Trips - On Laptop

MS Pocket Streets - On PPC


Delorme Topo 5


Garmin City Select 5

Garmin Topo


My 60C allows me to load my entire state from City Select and the western 2/3 of the state in TOPO.


The laptop sits next to me in the truck, connected to the GPS V that is permanently mounted on the dash. Streets and Trips maps are a lot easier to read than the small screen of the GPS.

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As time goes by I find more and more reasons to like these programs




mapsource metroguide canada (only complaint is sometimes they call trails - roads which has on occasion gets me in trouble on the motorcycle.)



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As time goes by I find more and more reasons to like these programs




mapsource metroguide canada (only complaint is sometimes they call trails - roads which has on occasion gets me in trouble on the motorcycle. :mad::unsure: )



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I have more mapping software than this, but these are what I use on a regular basis:


For PocketPC:


MS Pocket Streets

MightySync (automatically puts GPX files on SD memory card)

iNav iGuidance


On the Laptop:


MS Streets & Trips


MapSend Topo 3D


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Computer Maps.


National Geographic Topo.

Topofusion (merges topo arial).

Mapsource junk but only for loading maps in the GPS.

MS Streets and Trips.


PDA Maps.

MS Streets and Trips.


Rejected Programs.

Outdoor Navigator. Too difficult to use the maps, and import waypoints.

Expert GPS. Waypoints are too large (it's a nitpicky thing but those waypoints cover a lot of ground).


What I'm wanting to see.

Something like Topofusion for the PDA.


GPX Tools.

GSAK. I use it to store my logs and that's about it. It does much more.

GPSBabel, I need to redo my batch files on this. But it's handy to split a GPX to the variouse programs I do use.

GPXSoner. Very handy.

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I use DeLorme Topo USA Version 5.0 to provide maps. It also exports waypoints to my Garmin GPS receiver.


I convert downloaded cache locations to Draw files for importing to Topo USA with a free program from this Webpage.


It works on .LOC, .GPX or zipped .GPX files as downloaded from geocaching.com. It also outputs very nice indexed reports in text or MS Word documents. It can also put hyperlinks to the cache description on the Topo map icon.

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Use a laptop running


eTrex with the serial cable


GSAK with PQ's


Steets and Trips


Palm with Mobipocket


Verizon Wireless EVDO for internet


We can track where we are with S&T's , use GSAK and PQ's to filter on what we want, as we travel. Use the export function on GSAK to display caches on S&T's. Use the palm to take with us after we leave the car, to read cache info. And use the wireless card to log finds instantly, or verify cache pages.


Almost had to add a second battery the car. And yes, my wife thinks I'm a geek.

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I am a little on the fanatical side.


First I use a little utility called First to find

It updates me every 15 minute as to any new cache based on a PQ.

(He also has several other utilities I find quite useful)

I use GSAK on the laptop (Which is always with me) Wireless internet is great.

I use it to generate Microsoft S&T maps with all unfound caches, to send all the waypoints to my GPS unit, and it generates a webpage with all the info you might need(As long as you update right before you go out if you aren't wireless).

I load the webpages to my pda and carry that to the cache.

I use a garmin GPSMAP60cs with Map Source roads and recreation and city select maps.

I also just started using Trimble Maps.

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On my Amiga, an ARexx script in my web browser for exporting cache info to my Palm device.

On my Palm, GPilotS for transferring waypoints and tracks. Also Hint Decrypter every now and then.

On my 60cs City Select.

Prior to that I used QuoVadis maps on my Palm which offered great scrolling (street names stayed onscreen while you panned around).





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Well cut off my legs and call me shorty. I have been using EasyGPS, and found it to be more than adequate. I had downloaded and installed thw GSAK, but there was something about it, without being specific, I just didn't like the feel. I have used EasyGPS on an eTrexVista and Venture, with no problems. Recently I purchased a Garmin GPSmap60 CS, and although the locs transfer over just fine, the symbols do not. I really haven't had the time to sit down and try to figure it out. What I like about the GPSmap 60CS, aside from the color display, is when you change the symbol from "geocache" to "geocache found," it automatically moves the loc over to the found database. It's pretty slick, and I wasn't aware of that feature until I purchased it. If anyone can shed some light on what I may be doing wrong, I would sincerely appreciate it.




Johnny Rotten :rolleyes:

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I think you need to download the .gpx files instead of the .loc files.


They have more info in them which is why GSAK is so wonderful. At a glance you can tell what kind of past logs a cache has. Plus you can "slice and dice" the waypoints.


I have close to 1000 waypoints in my GSAK databases and can create smaller, very specific files to load on my Palm for a day's search.


You are a Premium Member, so all you have to do is set up Pocket Queries and open that file in GSAK to see the worth of that program.

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