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Searching By Routes?

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I'll be traveling up to rhode island in a couple of hours from new jersey, kinda of a last minute trip and I wanted to see if there are any caches at any rest stops or something on the way up there.


If you can please tell me if there is a quicker way to search for that other than going through the lists state by state I'd really appreciate it.


Thanx in advance.



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it is a bit neater if you are a premium member with access to pocket queries, but the bottom line is there is no way to see caches along a route in one step.


What you would need to do is use map software to get the coords to various places along a highway. Then do a search for caches within 1, 2, 5 whatever miles from that point.


You would need to repeat this all along your route as often as you felt like pulling over.


Alternately you can download a bunch of caches within say 100 miles of a point on the highway and import them into your map software (assuming you have vendor specific map software) and delete all waypoints that are too far off the highway for your needs and then upload those remaining to your GPSr.


Since you don't have much time I would suggest downloading as many caches as your GPSr will hold and just let the unit show you what is close to your present position.


Again, premium membership makes this a bit easier as you can just download 500 waypoints meeting whatever criteria you like within whatever radius you want and you get them all in one file, but that is something to consider for another time.


Have fun.

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This is one of the most requested features, at present there is no easy way.


There are several ways, but all are time consuming and some require you to use several programs one after an another after another.........


People should be able to mark their cache as a good one for travelers, if it is. :laughing::anibad:B)

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I just tried a relatively simple way to do this.


1. Do a PQ for area of interest. More on this later!


2. When you get your GPX file use GSAK to export a CSV file for MS S&T.


3. In MS S&T plan your route throught the area of interest.


4. Import the CSV file.


5. Pick a point on your route (doesn't matter which one), right click on the point in the Route Planning chart and click on "Find Nearby Places"


6. In the Find Nearby Places menu, select Entire Route and the distance you are willing to travel off your selected route. You can do this at the bottom of the Nearby Places panel. Perform the new search.


7 Open the pushpin section of the Nearby Places display.


This will show you all of the caches within your chosen distance of your planned route.


This method works pretty well, but suffers from the limit of only 500 caches in a PQ. Ideally I would like to do a PQ for all of the caches in a state.

Or, if I could get all of the caches in a given county it would also work.

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IMO, all caches are "good" for travelers - it just matters what kind of traveler you are. Are you willing to take a sojourn of a 3 mile hike in the middle of your cross-country trek? I can't, but others can.


The BEST idea is to flesh out this thread and make it a reality.

By good, I mean that it is easy to get to from the main highway, there are probably several thousand caches in the Los Angeles area.


If you're driving thru on I-5, would you say all are good? ;)

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