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Accurate Mileage Of A New Tb...


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I'm sure this has been covered before, and I searched but could not find anything that answered my question...


We are sending out our 2nd TB. We are going to drop it over a hundred miles from our house. How can we get accurate mileage from our home base?


Our first TB we virtually dropped in and pickup up from the nearest cache to our house, but I feel like I would be abusing that cache if I did that for each of our TBs.


What is the proper way of handling this?


TIA - Sue :unsure:

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Some of the veteran cachers will question the merit of "accurate mileage" so I wouldn't worry about always placing a TB at that particular cache nearest your home. I view TB miles simply as "miles travelled" from cache to cache.


I'm with BlueDeuce, you should only log a visit for the TB if it has actually visited the cache with you. If I happen to have carried a TB from far away, I will sometime log a visit to my own cache near my home during maintenance visits.


This might be an incentive for you to hide a cache near your home large enough to hold TBs, especially the White Jeep Travel Bug. :unsure:

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Thank you to everyone who responded. :mad: I have contacted the owner of the nearest cache who gave me permission to virtually drop/pick-up my bugs there to begin their journey - he said he does that with his own TBs too. And I am also planning to put a cache even closer to our home, so I will use my own from then on. :mad: Yesterday our 2nd TB was placed 92.4 miles from home to begin it's travels. Our family is anxious to see how far it goes. Hold good thoughts for us!



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