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A Stargate In Africa?


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Greetings from the USA's West Coast! :rolleyes:


Take a look at this.


Long story short: I wonder if there could be a Stargate cache on the African continent?


Having a good, operating Stargate cache would take an EXTREMELY dedicated local geocacher who would not mind shipping and receiving packages from overseas fairly often. Is there anyone like that in your area?


I am not affiliated with the Stargate Cache network... just someone who admires those who do. Anyone interested in the concept would have to contact the folks in charge of the Stargate Cache network. Aparrently there is a cacher named "drossdross" who is in charge of the whole thing.


What inspired this post: there is a TB with a goal of wanting to go to Africa stuck in one of my caches. Maybe it could get there via a new, South African stargate cache someday? <_<


Hope this inspires something cool... :anitongue:

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