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“hi, Hope All Is Well.”

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I went back through all my caches (262 in about 26 months) to calculate how many different geocachers have I actually accompanied at cache sites. Although my memory isn’t what it used to be, and I’ve never been good at keeping notes, it occurs to me that I have actually cached with 41 different cachers, give or take a few.


Add in the others I have met at events, etc. and the total is approximately 90.


Since I don’t regularly visit or communicate with many of these people, I’ll use this opportunity as a note to just say, :anitongue:“Hi, hope all is well,” :rolleyes: to all my caching acquaintances.


How many different geocachers have you accompanied while actually visiting caches? <_<<_<

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. . . How many different geocachers have you accompanied while actually visiting caches?  :anitongue:  :rolleyes:

For the first couple of months, I always cached alone. Then I started going with another cacher most of the time. Last week we had a "spontaneous event cache" at a particularly difficult micro cache in an area of river rocks. (Check out the logs . . . <_<)




There were even more people a bit later on.


That's the most people I've ever cached with. Oh . . . the young daughter of one of the cachers was the one who found the elusive micro . . .

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