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Roll up, roll up. Alibags and I are making the final tot-up before placing our first order with the mint! We can't give you an exact ETA until we have the final figures in but we have been encouraged by an email received yesterday from the mint asking for the final count ASAP.


Based on the figures so far we have worked the coins price to be only £4 per coin plus P&P. We have tried to make it as cheap as possible to every individual from the GeoCaching community rather than trying to make bulk orders cheaper but it is possible that we will be able to drop the price a little for orders over ten depending on the final order amount.


At this stage it is imperative that you confirm that your pre-order listed on the News page at www.geocoins.co.uk. Please review the quantity listed against your GeoCaching handle and send an email to confirm as per the instructions on the News page. If you have requested a pre-order and your name isn't listed we apologise. Please email us with your pre-order and likewise for folks who haven't expressed an interest yet.


Finally, thanks to a great idea by Stuey - we are planning a UK GeoCoin Release Event. Dates and location to be confirmed but we are thinking somewhere around the Northamptonshire area. Anyone in that area who would like to help? Please contact me through my profile.


Thanks - Simon from The Hokesters!

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Please remember to sign your confirmation email with your GeoCaching handle and your location.

I don't have time to reply to everyone individually so please double check that your confirmation has been received on the News Page.





I'm sure you're overwhelmed (or hopefully out caching :wacko: ) - how long do you want after the confirmation email is sent before people follow up if they haven't got their red tick on the site? </reveal agenda> :unsure:


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Noone is too late yet - please keep them coming in. There are still quite a few unconfirmed pre-orders so if your name is up there without a tick please let me know soonest.


Don't forget if you are placing a new 'pre-order' please ensure you let us know your GC.com handle and your country of residence.





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Fret not - we could be looking at about a month although I am struggling to find time to build the website at the moment. Once that is done we need to bother Teasel with finishing off the tracking system and install an eCommerce package.


Please be patient with us.




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