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N.g. Topo State Series

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I have been trying to install the National Geographic State series topo map for Arizona. It seems to install ok. When I run the program, and zoom in on an area it is supposed to ask for another disk for the last level of maps. It does not do this. I went to the NG website and updated the software to the latest level (3.4.3). Same result. Anyone else have this problem with the State Series?

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I have NG TOPO and when it asks for a certain disc, all I do is put in that disc for the section of the state I'm working on. The only problem I have with is with TOPO 4.0 Streets etc. It does not print in 1:12k. But it does when I use TOPO 3.0.

Hard to figure they would improve some features with the 4.0 3d and drop some features that I really thought were a good thing. I think NG tech support is the pits. It doesn't seem to matter if you use the phone or email they have never helped me on any problem I have had. I upgraded to the 4.0 with the expansion pack CD and have had nothing but problems. The new 4.0 program seems to look for files that are still left over from the old 3. something program. I will need to remove the CD from the computer drive when zooming in or out from some levels. It will run the CD and never seem to find the files until I remove it, wait a while and then insert the CD after it straightens out. I am not all that computer savy but this didn't ever happen with my original NG state series until I upgraded to the 4.0

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