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White Jeep Deception

Harry Dolphin

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We've tried two different Wal-marts, and can't find the Jeeps. 


Each Wal-Mart I visited only seemed to have 1

I've been to 3 or 4 walmarts and have only run across one.


I'm thinking they only get 1 or two in their boxes of assorted toy cars, perhaps the amount of them available at walmart was affected by the jeep contest? Other cachers buying them, ebay opportunists sensing they would sell, etc...

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Yesterday was a good - no - a great day. I snagged five caches and found a White Jeep TB in one of them. I also got an email that one of my "lost" TBs was really not lost and in fact it was heading from New York to California in the next couple days. This is extremely close to its goal.


Not sure if this fits in this thread but my post does mention lost TBs and White Jeep TBs :unsure:

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The statement “Honesty is the best policy” does not hold here. :o


The Tribe honestly did not mean to upset the caching world by doing something that we thought the DaimlerChrysler Motor Company basically was telling us we could. The following can be found at http://jeep.geocaching.com/contest. Just under: #6 of How to Play


NOTE: If the Travel Bug is not in the cache when you arrive, take a picture of your GPS unit showing the coordinates of the cache with the goal in the photo if you can, but if you cannot, then take a SECOND picture completing one of the three monthly goals to enter. Then visit http://jeep.geocaching.com, visit the listing for the cache page that the Travel Bug was not in, link to the Travel Bug page and submit your entry.


There were no other White Jeep icons in our local area at that time. So we thought that we would give others a chance to enter the White Jeep Photo Contest. Well we were mistaken… :D


Since then we have found out that even though the contest rules state “if you don’t find a WJTB you can enter two photos” doesn’t seem to be so. You still have to have a WJTB Tag Number. How can that be if there is NO WJTB there to get a number off of? We're still waiting for an answer on this question from jeep@geocaching.com We are still new to the game and learning by our mistakes.


NOTE to those that might be interested. The contest rules state: Limit one photo entry per person/email address/log-on/user name/password/ Geocaching.com account per Initial Judging Period. Any attempt by any participant to obtain more than one (1) entry per Initial Judging Period by using multiple/different email addresses, identities, log-on/user names and passwords, Geocaching.com accounts or any other methods will void that participant’s entries and that participant will be disqualified.


A participant may only use one location and/or Travel Bug per entry. Any attempt by any participant to use the same location and/or Travel Bug in multiple entries will void all such entries.


It is easy to miss understand “per entry” and “multiple entries“ to mean “per Initial Judging Period”. This is not so. If you want to enter the photo contest each month, you must enter a different jeep and different location each month. No repeats!


Well it is to bad, but it looks like most of the other WJs that were handed out at the BCM2 on June 18th are still being held. For those that want to, this really limits the chances of entering the Photo contest till more start showing up.


But for now, we were able to get our June Photo entered in the contest and now have decided to give “Keisha” a chance to getty-up and go. We hope that her 4x4 venture will be A-Maze-ing and as challenging to her next finder. :D

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These are the three closest WJTB's to here - well, at least allegedly...


GCP9K1 - "Maitane"


- Quick and easy find, (we were there around lunchtime) but NO White Jeep Travel Bug. Pinocchio was still there. We also saw the Private Property No Trespassing Sign but looked further to find another street that allowed us to enter through the park - The park is not very well marked we only noticed 1 Recreation and Parks sign about Trespassing After Dusk – the stage/ampitheatre, log cabins and lily pond will serve as a good landmark that you are entering through the park not through private property. Took GPS Coin, left USA ornament, purple mit and bendy man. SL (NOTE: No one had signed the log between us and the person who dropped the WJTB.)


GCM0K2 - "Cwen"


- Went by this morning to try to get the Jeep. It's not in there. Hopefully it will get logged.


- Second find of the day. Was VERY disappointed - no jeep. TNLNSL.


- Glad to see that there were others there before me to verify that there was indeed NO WJTB.


GCGT6P - "Jagger"


- Well, I wish I could log a happy face and a sad face here. I did find the cache, but there was no WJTB in there


- I also was depressed to not see Jagger in the cache. I hope the person who took it and never logged it can sleep at night. Other than that, great multi. Really enjoyed walkin the trail, thank goodness it wasn't really hot.

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