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Any Caches Near Waterloo?

Alice Band

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In August I am due to visit the area around the battlefield of Waterloo. Can someone be kind enough to send me the Co-ordinates of the Monument itself [my starting point] in hddd*mm.mmm so I can look up the caches in the area? If there are no caches now is your chance to place one! I may be bringing some TB's with me, hopefully some American ones.


Many thanks!


Ik woonde dichtbij St. Nicklaas alvorens bewegen bij Groot-Brittannië in 1981 als kind. Mijn Vlaams deze dagen is slecht, maar ik kan de grondbeginselen nog begrijpen! :D

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Thank you so much Jiheffe. :D


I will be there re-enacting the 'first' battle of Waterloo of 1705 with people from many countries so I will be camped there for a few days. Some American re-enactors might also be joining in. I can't miss the opportunity to go Geocaching while I'm there :D


If you see someone in costume wandering around holding a Garmin it will be me. Come over and say hello if you find yourself there.


Some of my ancestors fought there, so a tour of the battlefield following the

'Waterloo 1815' would be excellent. Congratulation for setting up such an excellent cache. ;)

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