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Seeing The Same Tb A Second Time

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Okay, so I'm a bit new to this and it hasn't happened to me yet, but it easily could as I know right now where there is a cache I want to do that currently has a TB in it that I've already logged once.


So, my question is what happens if you log a TB a second time - does it add to your count of TB's or just generate a log that shows you are not paying attention to whether or not the TB you just picked up has been logged previously by you?

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Moving TBs isn't about how many TBs you've moved or the number of icons you've got to your name. It's about moving an object from place to place, logging it online, and letting others read about the adventure it had while in your hands.


If you have an opportunity to move a TB along its goal, you should and without consideration to some statistic or trophy icon.

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Oh it happens! Sometimes you can't get away from them!


Then there is one bug, which I won't mention here because the owner decided to "clean his bug page up" and deleted all the moves I made with the bug from cache to cache to cache to cache to cache before dropping it off. I think he deleted mileage too. But each drop off and retrieve didn't add any more nubmers to my account.

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Sometimes you can't get away from them!

...and that can be freaky!


Sissy and I dropped off a figurine/doll TB and continued on to hunt another cache. The hunt was near a bike path and while we were hunting a fellow came by looking for his dog. Nope, we hadn't see it. Well, we finished up and discovered the TB we had dropped off was sitting on the seat of one of our bikes.


Ever seen the movie "Chucky" or other doll-based horror? I'm not easily spooked, but that did leave me standing there for a few seconds digesting what had happened.


Well, the fellow who had "lost his dog" was actually a geocacher moving the TB from one of his caches to another. He didn't want to disturb our hunt or expose the true identity of "Swamp Thing." He figured since we had dropped it off earlier, we'd put in the cache we just found or move it somewhere else--which we did.


But, boy, did it have me confused for a few seconds though!

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