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Caches Going Bye Bye Soon!


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The following caches, located in and around the Bremerton and Silverdale areas, are on the chopping block. They will be archived within the next 72 hours and the containers will be picked and/or relocated for re-use on another listing service. The next group of caches to be placed onto the chopping block may very well be the K.I.S.S. My Cache 1 - 9(some renamed as necessary).


Homeland Security and/or it's associated paranoia seems to have found support within GC. Just in case you are not aware of it, your cache, if in or on or under or near a bridge or some other "sensitive structure", will be subject to scrutiny and may be scheduled for the chopping block in the future, just as my Warren Bridge Cache was archived with not so much of an advanced warning or an opportunity to make appropriate changes.


1. Central Park Northwest(GCNY3R) - Because I don't care!

2. 3 x 3 Puzzle Cache(GCN0DZ) - County property being sold?

3. Drive-By & Caching(GCE79A) - Lack of interest!

4. N.A.D. Revenge(GCH5AC) - Lack of Interest!

5. Warren Avenue Bridge Cache(GC31EF) - Archived by GC/TMJ and maybe moving to TC!

6. Peg of My Heart(GCKEK6) - Too far away from home.


More on the way? Better get them while you can!


None of the above caches will be allowed for adoption. These sites may be recycled for use by another listing service.


I grow tired of Double-Standards, especially when that applies to a few questionable "Guidelines" and etc. I don't care to go into details. I have about six examples of late, not necssarily my own.


Thanks TMJ for your past support, but "things are a changing". I have other "fish to fry". I'm going for Quanity in future cache runs, not necessarily quality.


If you have questions, I'm not Radio shack!


/\/**\/\ Fledermaus

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Yes, you are correct a cache under a bridge with a warning to watch out for police when logging should be archived.


From the guidelines:


Off-limit (Physical) Caches

By submitting a cache listing, you assure us that you have adequate permission to hide your cache in the selected location. However, if we see a cache description that mentions ignoring "No Trespassing" signs (or any other obvious issues), your listing may be immediately archived.


Caches may be quickly archived if we see the following (which is not inclusive):


Caches near or under public structures deemed potential or possible targets for terrorist attacks. These include but are not limited to highway bridges, dams, government buildings, elementary and secondary schools, and airports.

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