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Another Chicago Area Group?


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Was looking for new caches placed over the weekend and noticed that someone had posted a note for a cache, including a link to a group, Geocachers of Northeastern Illinois. I hadn't heard of this. Is this a new group, and if so, why? Did something happened to Chicagoland Geocaching, or whatever group it was that had been putting on the geocaching picnics in the area?

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Well I guess the cat's out of the bag!!


http://www.gonil.org is the successor to the old chitown cachers ... if you hadn't noticed, the chitown cachers site was about 2 year stale and required yahoo groups to maintain any functionality ...


Same familiar faces, new web site and a new org (a real one) in the works.


We announced the new site to the yahoo group people over the weekend and were going to wait for a bit to announce here to shake out any bugs, but since the cat is out, come by and say hi! ....

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I've signed up as a member, but I can't log in.  The forum tells me to contact the administrator, but I can't do that unless I'm logged in.  I guess I'll stick to the Groundspeak forums.

Hmarq is the administrator. If you contact him via his profile, I am sure he can remedy whatever the problem is. I have been very happy with the new site. I only wish I had some artistic talent to contribute to the logo design process.

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You're all set Cache us Clay ...


First time you login, check your profile and see if your email address is correct; that has been the problem for most folks that never received the registration email.

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