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Explorist 600 Problem

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I'm currently on hold with Magellan, so I thought I would post a question here to see if anyone else is having a problem with the eXplorist 600. The problem is the device has started losing all satellite signals. After two or three minutes, the 600 starts tracking and acquiring sats again. This will happen every 5 to 10 minutes. The signal has been lost mainly when driving in a car (in the official magellan cradle) out in the open. The problem started last night and I haven't had time to take the thing outside and see if it happens on foot, but I suspect it will.


Anyone have similar problems? Anyone have some ideas?


Thanks in advance for any help you can give.



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Here's an update. After approximately 1.5 hours of on-hold waiting and with the additional comment from me that I was somewhat disappointed in the accuracy of my X600 (error routinely in the 30 ft range vs my 2000xls which frequently gave an Estimated Position Error of 3 meters or less), the Magellan rep suggested that I might have a bad unit. Since my unit was new, he advised I contact the seller (TigerGPS) and discuss returning it with them.


I contacted TigerGPS and they were very good to work with. I needed a quick turn-a-round due to upcoming travel plans. Tiger is overnighting me a new unit and will credit me when the old unit is received by them. They didn't charge for the expedited service or shipping. I'm fortunate that the unit was new enough to be handled by seller. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to have it for my trip.



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What is your experience with the accuracy estimate? Mine was frequently in the 30's. It could get into the 20's sometimes. Seldom was it in the teens. My 2000 xls frequently gave me a EPE of 9 ft or better. It was not uncommon for it to have a 0 EPE when given a clear view of the sky. I assumed the newer receiver would be more accurate, so I was disappointed that it didn't have a similar accuracy.


Let me know your experiences



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:D It could be the solor geomagnetic storms we were having around then. I use survey grade receivers (leica) in my work and GPSrs act that way when we are having solor events. Check the Space weather site or N3KL.org site to see.

www.sec.noaa.gov/today.html is the space weather site

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my accurucy is also b/t 20-30 feet.

but when I "can" get a waas lock its usually 7-13 feet.


my old sportrack color always got a lock on waas and had a accuracy of 13feet and that was its everyday feature most of the time.


I'm happy with the explorist but the reception doesn't seem as good as the older models.

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