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The World's Oldest Virgin Caches

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These are the 30 oldest caches in the world, that has yet to be found. I only counted regular caches and multi caches, not ghost caches or any other sort. I haven't checked it, but I believe one of the Estonian caches would be closest to my home in Norway. Which one is closest you you?


Cache name - Country - Date of placing (dd.mm.yy)

Oh so blue - Belize - 06.01.01

All Saints - Mexico - 26.05.01

Piibe stash - Estonia - 16.06.01

Arekuna - Venezuela - 20.06.01

4.5lb Walleye - Ontario, Canada - 23.06.01

Reclusion - French Guiana - 23.06.01

Kougarok - Alaska, USA - 23.06.01

Conch Shell Horn - Venezuela - 10.07.01

Ghost Fisherman's Cabin - Ontario, Canada - 12.07.01

Yankee/Doctor Bay Cache - Northwest T, Canada - 13.07.01

LU7JCN - Argentina - 15.07.01

Cliff Cache - Northwest T, Canada - 15.07.01

Flagajokull ~ Wedge Glacier - Iceland - 21.07.01

Bouncing Around Heimay - Iceland - 24.07.01

Island Suprise - Ontario, Canada - 27.07.01

Nikolay-Kam - Russia - 28.07.01

St. Louis-Legacy - St Vince Grenadines - 03.08.01

Points West - Ireland - 05.08.01

Runö - Estonia - 09.08.01

Mount Temple - Alberta, Canada - 12.08.01

freissinieres - France - 17.08.01

The Pipeline - Quebec, Canada - 02.09.01

Mad Dragons' Cache - China - 02.09.01

Devil's Dancefloor - California, USA - 03.09.01

Riddle stash - Estonia - 22.09.01

Underwater stash - Estonia - 22.09.01

Eastern stash - Estonia - 05.10.01

S.Giovanni - Italy - 14.10.01

Pljesevica - Bosnia and Herzegovina - 27.10.01

Cachemon #2 [sP] - Brazil - 14.11.01

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What is the difference between a virgin cache that is 4 yrs old and trash??


If it were one of mine, I would have removed it a long time ago. What's the purpose of hiding a cache where no one will ever or can ever find it?


Another point, someone else made is Who would hunt a 4 year old virgin cache on top of a mountain? I guess if I was going to be on the top of the mountain anyway....

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Interesting. I also ran a PQ for unfounds in my area and there aren't too many old unfounds. For some of the cachers this is the only cache they ever placed or they stopped caching 4 years ago.


This is my first cache. I forgot to put a log-book in the cache. If the first to visit could please bring paper and a pen in a zip bag... thanks.

Hmmm, what motivation.

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We went to Argentina a few years ago and went to a cache that had been sitting for 14 months. When we logged our find, the owner got really excited. He was beginning to think that no one would ever log his cache. It was kind of fun to see him get so excited.

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I think its awesome to have unfound, ancient relics.


That particular quality should denote that they have a special challenge to them and should make the FTF particularly proud of their find.


These are the caches that, if still unfound and still existing in a few years will become the challenges and the bets in the forums.


One day, there's gonna be a cache on display (not for logging) in the Smithsonian. These yet-to-be-found historic caches will be part of the rich heritage of geocaching people hear about when they pay $12.00 to listen to the audio tour.


I think that's cool.



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Pocket query


Not found

All provinces/states (which includes the "none" for the rest of the world)

Placed between 1/1/2000 and 12/31/2001


Coughs up 52 caches, some archived, etc...




Closest ones to me are in Korea, all archived. Next closest is in China - essentially inactive. First closest to me is a virtual in the Phillipines, a 2-3 day trip from Manilla. Closest in 2001 is a Virtual in Tibet. Cripes ;)

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The closest to me is the one in Alaska, but that's not very close. I did a Google Map to the cache from Nome, Alaska, though. Here's a link to the result.




Doesn't look too bad (only 95 miles), if you have the time and a Jeep. ;)



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