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Another Cacher Wanted

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I am SenseiTSKC, resident in the United Kingdom. I have discovered the "locationless" cache "Where's In A Name?" (it's Waypoint GC3153) in order to log it I require the help of another geocacher in another state or country.


Please look up "Where's In A Name?" (it's Waypoint GC3153) and read the details. To help fulfill my quest, you would need to travel to some (any!) point along latitude OR longitude (N, E, S or W)74* 07.34 (74 07.566) and take a photo of your GPS clearly showing that reading. Once you have read the cache description, you'll have a better understanding of what's required and how I derived that particular coordinate.


This "locationless" cache provides an intriguing challenge. Please let me know if you are willing to participate. You can contact me through my geocaching.com profile or PM me. Thanks!

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