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Where The H*ll Are The Jeep Tb's


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I stole them all !


(acutally I haven't seen what yet, but it seems likes its been very slow for them to filter out to be placed, and of course those that are out are usually picked up and move quickely, so slay calm and keeping looking.)

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I asked in an earlier thread about the WJTBs, not to start an argument, but to avoid what happened last year. We saw a couple of YJTBs move through, but no one in NWI had any to place in caches.

I was thinking that if a few were up this way, they might stick around a little longer.

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Joypa, you had one eariler today in your back yard at Happy Hollows First. It looks like it got snagged by ADC. I will be putting the one I got today out again tommorrow, but it might be a little bit of a drive North for you. Jeeps are made for off-roading, not city driving you know :ph34r:

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Yep, now that Shydog has picked up the 2nd WJTB we placed, I can confirm that we received two WJTB's in the mail early this past week with instructions to place them in area caches. One got picked up by a new cacher and as we now know, the second one got picked up by a veteran.


Hopefully at least these 2 White Jeeps will stay in the area for a while. Thanks, Chris for promising to put it out again so quickly and in the area, too!


Joypa, we'll be competing with you now to get one of these so we can log one. Gotta get that icon on our page, ya' know! :P


Mrs. Car54


Edited to add that I see the cacher (Boiler Saint) that picked up the 1st WJTB we placed put it in another local cache, where it has aleady been nabbed. Let's keep them traveling around the nearby area long enough to give everyone a shot at them!

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Nurse Dave: No, I'd rather just complain bitterly. :P


I am going to check daily and, when one appears, I will leap from my chair at work and sprint to my car, armed with GPS. I will race madly to the cache and grab the bug. Hah!

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Team Shydog: Nooooooooooooooooo. I logged on too late to get that one. I do, however want to thank you for depositing one in my general vicinity. Next week I'm going to Banff, which is in Alberta, Canada. Maybe I'll get lucky there.

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Sorry Paul. I should have put it one of your caches,  as it is, the only 2 WJTB's in the Lafayette area are parked in the same garage.  :rolleyes:


Yeah, I noticed that, too. Sorry, Joypa - we really were trying to drop it close to you.


Rochelle of Car54

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OK, due to a fair bit of complaining, I've got one of the WJTB back into the wild with my new cache. And Joypa, there's a decent chance it will be there when you get back from Banff. :unsure:


Concerning the other WJTB that's in my wife's possession (of which I have no control), I may be able to convince her to keep it in the area if a "suitable" cache pops up around here. My little problem is that there's no caches around that I've not been to. THE GAUNTLET HAS BEEN THROWN. :mad:

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