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2005 Liberty Bay Firework Spectacular!


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Paddle your way onto Liberty Bay for the Independence Day holiday!


This is an open invitation for all cachers to come and hunt my cache, Liberty Bay Resort, in Poulsbo, WA on July 3rd, 2005. Then come ashore and take a load off before heading back out on the water. There'll be a party going on there anyway so you might as well just join on in and get a burger while you're at it! :anitongue:


High tide for July 3rd is over 11 feet; plenty to retrieve the cache and make it to shore. You can also view a graph of the tides for July 3rd, 2005. Low tide that night is still plenty deep enough to retrieve the cache.


Feel free to stay ashore until the fireworks begin (around 10:30pm), but if you don't have lights on your boat, you may want to retreat back to your car before dusk.



  • July 3rd, 2005.
  • Anytime from 4pm - 11pm.
  • Log Liberty Bay Resort cache. Be sure to visit this cache page as there is information about where to park and put your boat in the water.
  • Mingle with the local Corvette Club (also owns another local cache, Corvette 50th Birthday Cache).
  • Please RSVP by sending me an email and I'll make sure there's an extra hamburger and soda for you.
  • Stay for the fireworks (approximately 10:30pm).

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend everyone!

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Very nice of you to arrange such an event. Folks this is a great cache on a lovely bay by some very nice hosts. I did this one just about a year ago for my 600th find and was presented a certificate by Chrimson Wrath as well as having my picture taken in front of a Corvette. Ajetpilot and I will be going after our 900 th find at Mountain Marsh in a few days. Wish I could join you but we will be leaving for a short geocaching trip the next morning. Dick, W7WT

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This sounds like fun we'll see what we are doing on the forth not sure yet. But we have been thinking about putting the canoe in the water and trying this one for awhile, might be the right time.

Just to confirm: It is officially for the 3rd of July. It appears that there is great tide weather for the 4th as well. There will likely be people ashore on the 4th setting off fireworks, but the free burger offer will expire on the 3rd! :anitongue:

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Since I do not have a boat, canoe or surfboard and swim very poorly, I suspect the Liberty Bay Resort cache will be on my "to do list" or "ignore list" for a very long time. /\/**\/\

No one ever said you have to own a boat to retrieve this cache. I know of at least one place in downtown Poulsbo where you can rent a boat. Better yet, if you find someone through this thread that is going, you can help paddle! :ph34r:


There's hope yet to get this on your "found list."

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