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How do I save waypoints that are in EasyGPS (.loc) in an Excel spreadsheet? I've tried the conventional ways to no avail. Any thots?


I simply open the .loc with Excel (Off 2007) my notes here:


Using Office 2007 (Excel) for .loc file handling


File/Open select the .loc and enter.


First box opens:

The file you are trying to open... 'xxx.loc', is in a different format... open the file now? Yes!


Second box opens:

Open XML... Please select how you would like to open this file: As XML table


Third box opens:

The specified XML source does not refer to a schema. Excel will create a schema based on the XML source data. OK


end note:


This gives a formatted form that saves as .xlsx after that the data can be altered to suit your needs (stuff can be stripped off, added etc.)


Don't know about EasyGPS .loc but it works for Geocaching .loc


Doug 7rxc

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