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Hey, This Stuff Is Fun!

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Received my Vista C yesterday and just had to try it out. The wife and I went out this morning and found our first three caches! I chose some nice easy ones for our first outing. :laughing: Called it a day as the temp was approaching 100 degrees (Tucson at about 10:30 am). My wife had a great time and so did I!!



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Ya know, after moving from Las Vegas to Dallas, I'll have to say that I'll take 115° and dry over 99° and humid any day!

Oh, I'm not arguing that point. I'm from SLC and we have dry heat, too. And I've been down to San Antonio where there's humidity and I'd much rather have the dry heat any day.


I'm just saying that 115° is too hot, whether it's dry or wet!!! devil-smiley-032.gif

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Works for cold temps, too. When I lived in Nome, -20 degrees felt like 40 degrees here in Florida. I liked calling home and saying, 'Yeah, I just got back in from riding the four wheeler all over Nome but I wanted to get out while it was only 20 below....'


And welcome to the game, Tucson Bill, I'm a newbie at it, too but it is definitely fun!

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