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Ram Mount For Gpsmap 76cs

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Hey there,


I have the 76c with that exact mount. My first attempt to mount the GPSr into it made me think that I needed to modify the cradle slightly, so I took it inside the shop, and did a double check to see exactly where and what I needed to do. Guess what? Didn't have to do a darn thing. The rubber flap/plug kinda gets in the way unless you tuck it back a little, and then the whole thing fits beautifully! :D


I LOVE my RAM mount. I have the exact same one. The only thing I'm a tiny bit disappointed with in it is that it's a bit creepy bending those "arms" out enough to slide the unit into/out of place. Otherwise, absolutely wonderful.



AKA Old Bill

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Hi, anyone using the cradle for 76CS by Ram Mount?


My concern is the cradle will not allow the external power connector to attach behind the GPSr.


Appreciate feedback.





Are you sure you have the correct holder? It took Ram Mounts quite a while to come out with the holder for the 76C(S) and they were quite adamant that the one for the older 76 and 76S would not do the job for the newer units.

Mine fits fine except you have to make sure the external power/serial connector is plugged in before inserting the unit into the holder. The USB jack and the external antenna jack is accessible after you snap it in the holder.


Cheers, Olar

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