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Do You Name Your Unit?

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I'm just wondering if others give their gps's a "name." I just got a new gps today. Of course I haven't had a chance to play with it yet. I can't really name it until I use it for awhile and get to know its "personality."


I'm just wondering if any of you all have named your gps's and if so, what are their names and why did you choose that name?

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Well, my handheld GPSr does not have a name (other than Magellan), but the dash-mounted GPS in my Jeep, which has a seductive female voice, is named "Dearie." Dearie talks to me when I am driving.


"Exit left in one-quarter mile", she says in her lilting, velvety way.


"Exit left--then immediate left turn", she croons, but with a slight hesitation, as though she were having second thoughts.


"Drive 3.7 miles", she says, with complete self-assurance, but just a hint of regret.


"Follow the signs for 138 west", she reminds me unnecessarily, with a touch of condescension.


Then I hit the road construction, and a detour. "Off route", she says, petulantly.


"Make an immediate U-turn, if possible", she orders, with obvious irritation.


"Why don't we ever go where I want to go", she asks rhetorically and with a suggestion of adolescent angst, "it's always about you!"


NAV-->ROUTE-->CANCEL. I have been here before, and know the way home.

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R2, my 60CS, makes little chirps at me all the time. He's even worse now that I've got City Select loaded.


Chirp, Chirp -> Turn around you idiot!

Duh duh Duuuuh! -> You're close enough that you'll never find it!

BRRRRRRrrrrrrrr....... -> You remembered to charge the spares, right?

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I'm still working on a name for this new one. I got it yesterday and went out and found 2 benchmarks and 2 new caches just to try it out.


I stared geocaching with an antique Magellan 4000xl that I bought used on Ebay. That one was named The Find-o-Matic 4000. I'm just going to have to use this one a while longer before a name comes to me. Right now the only thing I can think of is "Lucille" as an homage to B.B. King's guitar.


I'm enjoying reading your names and stories. :D Keep 'em coming!

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I don't call it anything, but if it dies unexpectedly someday it will be from an electronic version of "shaken baby syndrome". My husband calls it my "walkie talkie" and no, there is no voice function on it. I dunno, maybe he thinks it whispers sweet nothings in my ear. :laughing:

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