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Where to buy a GPS???

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Ok I am new and this geocaching stuff sounds like a lot of fun. I am just outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada and am wondering what store I would go to to buy a GPS. Also what are the price ranges? I assume a low end one would be good enough to start.


Also, any places on the net to buy one, preferably located in Canada. What about Ebay, are there good deals on there? Since I am new I really don't know what a good price would be.



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There is a US based net one that I used for my most recent puchase... www.tvnav.com . They have an 800 number and are extremely knowledgable about GPS units.


I'm not sure how their prices compare out, but when I had a memory glitch in my 76s about 40 days after I got it, I shipped it back to them and they shipped me out a brand new one. Very nice.



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My guess is you'd like to see the darned things in person before plunking down the cash. If that's the case, you can go to Best Buy, Future Shop, WalMart, Canadian Tire or LeBaron's. I've noticed that GPSr's have become more popular lately that regular electronics stores have started carrying them (read: Future Shop). Some well-outfitted outdoor shops also carry them (many downtown). Even Coast Mountain Sports carries a small selection of GPSr's. Good luck!

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