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Possible "tb Collector" In Lake Havasu, Az

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I sent a Travel Bug with a new Magellan eXplorist 200 to my dad for his birthday... I helped them over the phone tonight to get all logged onto the site and how to mark Points of Interest in their new fandangled contraption. The TB needs to be moving so I made a few suggestions... but as I'm researching the area, I'm seeing LOTS of missing TB's. :D All the way from last November to just recently, there seem to a large number of caches reporting to hold TB's but no one has logged having picked them up.


Is there anything that can be done about this?


I now don't want them to place the TB anywhere near this area for fear of it disappearing into the Twilight Zone.


Any encouragement is appreciated. Thank you! :D

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I also have had a TB come up missing in the area, Marmetion the alien but this was some time in March of 2005. The note left on the cache page, SJG or Bust, stated "March 19 by Highpointer (1679 found)

I visited this cache a second time and left the travel bug Mr. Wonderful. The travel bug marmetian the alien is not in the cache and presumably was taken by a non-logging cache visitor who wrote their name as "Pclong" in the logbook, but apparently I can't find this name as a registered geocaching name on geocaching.com".

So now I am just waiting and wondering if he shows up or if he has "left the planet for good"....


As always, your friendly neighborhood Marmetion

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I have actually warned my folks of the possible danger, so they will be looking for a cache a little more out of the way in which to drop the TB. I actually sent it from Oregon to Arizona, so it needs to be dropped in a cache soon. I just feel so responsible for it since it belongs to someone else. I don't want it to disappear.


I know it's just a game, a toy, but it's a sad story when they go missing. We are about to send out 4 new ones, wish them the best. Makes me treasure each TB we get to greet!



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