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Ammo Boxes

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CheaperThanDirt used to be the cheapest place online, but they're no longer carrying them (edit: at least as of about a month ago - don't know if they'll restock).


If you don't have a local Army/Navy surplus store or they're charging more than $5 a can, the next best price is Cabelas - $19.99 for six 30 cal (the smaller ones), plus $11.95 for shipping and handling (they add an extra shipping charge because of bulk/weight). Total for 6 is $31.94, or about $5.32 a piece.

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Question - where do you live, because I can give you some if you're in North Carolina or Virginia.


BUT - if you're somewhere else, I recommend a military surplus store (Army-Navy Store, or the like).


I'd also recommend looking into alternatives to Ammo Cans. Tupperware, Lexan Plastic Boxes, anything.


Hope this is helpful.



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Hey Thot on your page with cheaperthendirt they have 6 for 20$. On army.net like you said 10 for 22$ so 4 more for 2$ more and cheaperthendirt dosn't sell them any more

The 10 for $22 is just the shipping charge. The cans are $3.98 each. So just over 6 bucks apiece.

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One of our local cachers bought a truck load of them somewhere and sold them to us a no profit for $2 each. These were all really nice ammo boxes. you might get on Idahogeocachers.org and find that forum thread. Email the individual who actually aquired these and find out where he got them from.



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