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Grey camouflage BDU paints. For a shirt I will either wear a geocaching t-shirt, or I will wear my green “Search and Rescue Team” shirt. When park employees see the search and rescue shirt they think that you are a park employee and don’t ask why I have the GPS.

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Black fatigues, black combat boots, a black SWAT style backpack to haul all my gear, and a black nylon cap with one of those pull-down ski masks. People tend to not ask you questions if they think you might harm them. :D


Actually, my regular garb is a white t-shirt with some obscure company logo on it, a pair of lightweight cargo shorts, and hiking boots. If it's cooler the shorts get replaced with an old pair of jeans and I add an old ratty sweatshirt. Nothing special, unless I'm on state game lands during hunting season, then the safety orange comes out.

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I am prone to wear lightweight hiking pants in a light color(better to see ticks), a white or light gray long sleeve t-shirt(again better for ticks), hiking boots and a hat. Here in Illinois, the ticks have been significantly more present this summer and Kane County just announced that they found mosquitos with West Nile virus in the county. I am not interested in any sort of disease. That's why most of my finds have been in winter months. :D

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Usually an underarmor shirt and/or workout shirt, and my paintball pants. They seem to be the best caching/hiking pants PERIOD! They are extremely strong and tear resistant, most now have light padding sewn into the knee area in case you take a spill (I took a hard fall yesterday and the tough padding saved my knees) and they are pretty lightweight and very breathable. :D

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i have recently gotten into wearing "convertable" pants. i insist on wearing long pants to keep my legs from getting scratched up. i wear the pants while caching (love having so many cargo pockets) and if i get warm between caches, i can zip off the pantlegs and wear shorts instead.


and i try to keep the colors light so the ticks are visible. i miss cold weather...

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We usually wear shorts and t-shirts (and I usually have on a baseball cap), but we haven't tried to track down any (yet!) that had a high terrain rating. (If/when we do, we'll reconsider ...) We do wear tennis shoes instead of sandals, to protect our feet, and so far that's been sufficient.


Bug spray is also beneficial, when you don't want to wear long pants/sleeves ...

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  • Ratty Levis 501s
  • REI moisture-wicking underwear
  • Official Team Mule Ears T-shirt
  • Ball cap with neck cape
  • 1/4-inch-thick coating of sunscreen
  • Wiley-X goggles with welding-tint prescription lenses
  • Danner Desert Eagle combat boots
  • Camelbak hydration pack containing from 3 to 8 litres of water

Some of our more interesting caches here in SE AZ require bushwhack hikes in the desert.

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I wear my pink pajamas in the summer when it's hot

And I wear my woolen undies in the winter when it's not

And sometimes in the springtime and sometimes in the fall

I go out geocaching with nothin on at all.


(with apologies to my old boy scout troop) :D

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well lets ssseeeee....my wardrobe keeps changing.....i started with just some holey jeans sweatshirts (and still i got my arms ripped open) tennis shoes.....and sometimes a tshirt with a jacket of some type.....now ive been wearing an old pair of jeans that are large for me and i had to add about 4 inches of denim to the bottoms..and a long sleeve denim shirt (it was cheap) and tennis shoes..i also carry some clear safety glasses since i have been scratched and poked too many times areound the eye regions......and the large jeans will fit over whatever im wearing at the time but boy do i sweat!!!!!


my ideal outfit depending on the cost would be one of those jumpsuits the old guys wear and duct tape the legs and wrists and neck OUCH to keep out the ticks and bugs.....with a pair of stretchy bike shorts and stretch spaghetti strap shirt under it....but the bugs are smart and no doubt will find an opening....and i know youre supposed to wear a hat but if no one is near me how do i see the bugs on it??{;(} [;(]


i havent been able to do more than a couple of park and grab micros or just one "in the woods" cache with it being in the 90s here now....


wanda texas

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Hiking boots w/ thick socks, Mossy Oak camo denim britches, black shirt, boonie hat (for the technical, it's a "hat, sun, hot weather type III"). In one hand, GPS. in the other is my trusty SSO (Super Squid Original...it's a hiking stick made by geocacher Super Squid...gotta find em in caches, mostly a Mississippi thang).

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I find that it often isn't about what I'm wearing, but what I've forgotten. Wear light hikers, need boots. Wear long sleeves, have to stop and buy a tank. Leave the hat behind, visit cache where I have to crawl through thorns (visit my profile to see why this mught be a problem).


The only "special" clothing I have for caching is my endless variety of footwear. Other than that, it's usually shorts and a tee in summer. Encounters with beautiful, secluded ponds/lakes often require "less" clothing :lol:

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In the summer for me its usually a Coolmax t-shirt and either nylon shorts or lightweight nylon hiking pants and my hiking boots. I stay away from jeans because they're heavy, somewhat restricting, hot and if they get wet they take forever to dry. The nylon hiking pants are ideal because they are extremely cool and comfortable, they dry very quickly and have plenty of pocket space. THey also hold up well to bushwacks.

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