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Magellan Customer Support These Days

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In this thread Bear Guy reported on an unsatisfactory experience with Magellan Customer Support when he encountered problems with his 600. He exchanged several emails that didn't solve his problems, and when he called in he was on hold for close to an hour before his number was taken so he could be called back. The return call apparently never came.


This is not the only customer support horror story that has surfaced on these boards and elsewhere. I can think of maybe 3 or 4 people off the top of my head who have been very unhappy with the response to their problems. I also recall a few people who reported satisfactory responses. I would like to get a sense of how Magellan is doing these days, but these forums tend to be a place where the bad is more prominent than the good...unhappy people, understandably, are more inspired to voice their complaints. The unhappiest people have aired their complaints more than once.


Is it that bad? Please share a brief report if you have had to contact Magellan customer support recently, including how satisfied (or not) you were. I'm not seeking to defend Magellan here, but anyone contemplating a Magellan purchase should know this aspect of the company package. I used to feel confident that they were reasonably good, but I'm just not so sure anymore. A poll would probably be a better way to find out, but lacking that tool here I guess this will help. I'll try to compile some descriptive statistics from the thread when it dies down.

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Well all my support email have all gone unanswered except for one that they did actually return but it didn't actually fix my problem but all they said was that they acknowledged my issue and said they would forward it to the proper tech department. But I've not heard from they since nor did they give me a garantee that it would be fixed. That was over 6 weeks ago.


I did call them once and was promptly answered but the woman on the other end would/could not forward me to someone in tech support. I would try to explain my problem to her and she would than put me on hold than come back with an answer, when I asked her a followup question she again had to put me on hold to ask , i presume , someone in tech support my question.


I just a little ticked off of their lack of actual site support in terms of firmware releases and mapsend/geocache patches. Hopefully this thread will wake them up. I for one am starting to have enough of waiting for information on when these issues will be resolved if ever.


sorry for sounding so negative lately but I cannot mask the way I feel right now.



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I think my experience posted here..Thales Support None, and Can not get a Lock on birds gives you a good idea of why I say stay away...never got any written responce from my letters that I mentioned in my thread, and the feeble phone calls with Casto and his crew just make me sick... a lot of wasted money for a lemon unit..stay away from Thales.

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Pathetic! (jumps up on soapbox) :yikes:


I was trying to figure out the whole 500/200 geocaches deal. This is the e-mail I sent

Quote "On your eXplorist FAQ you have the following:

"Q: How many Geocache points can I save on my eXplorist 400, 500 or 600?

A: A Geocache point is just a POI (point of interest). You can save up to 500 Geocache points or POIs on your eXplorist 400, 500 and 600. However, if your Geocaches or POIs include text notes or hints, a maximum of 200 can be stored."


The question is - using the Magellan geocache manager, how many Geocaches can I safely transfer and store to my eXplorist 600? Is there a way to store additional points to another file on the SD card and then call it up later? Why the 500/200 limit?" end quote


This is the answer I got.


quote "If you are using an SD card, you are limited by the space on the SD card. The file in which it saves in is very small, so you can save countless files. Each one of those files can only do what the limit is set, as mentioned below. You can have multiple files with those points in there.



Magellan Technical Support

Mon - Fri, 6AM - 5PM PST

' (800) 707-9971 USA & Canada

' (909) 394-5000 Outside USA"

end quote


Now, if someone could tell me what that means I'll "insert prize here"


So I uploaded the roughly 800 caches to my eX600 and went caching today. Just a couple (3) caches near the house that I hadn't gotten to yet. Guess what, that's right! Two of the three were not in the system, even though these three were the closest to my home position. Good thing I had gone paperless and had my palm/cachemate with me.


HEY MAGELLAN/THALES! Hire the guys who do GSAK, GPSBABEL, CACHEMATE and others who actual make geocache products work!


Geocache manager? - worthless! :P


Sorry all - off my soapbox now. I love my eX600 - I just hate all the workarounds I have to use to make it easy/fun to use.


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I have a SporTrak Map, my display screen would start to get two 1/4 in lines running down the screen and I would be unable to read anything on the screen. I called Magellan and I waited about 45 mins before someone answered my call.


When the unit was shipped back to me the packing slip said the LED had been replaced and they added a carring case.Two weeks later two 1/4 in lines start running down the screen and I would lose signal up to 15 mins. I also was teaching a GPS class to law enforcement when the lines got so bad I had to stop using the Magellan and use a older Garmin GPS III Plus.


I called Magellan a again about this issue and this time I waited about 20 mins before someone answered my call. The unit is having to go back to them to fix the same problem.


:yikes: So I don't have an issue with their customer service people other than a long wait time. But tech support sucks! If it not fixed this time they can keep it.

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I have a Sportrak Color that developed a "blotch" on the color screen that made it very hard to view. I contacted Magellan and told them of the problem, they said "send the unit in w/ the "proof of purchase" and they would replace the screen... heres where the problems started! The Spotrak color was a gift to me 6 months ago on my Birthday so I had no "proof of purchase" and w/o it they would only fix it if I sent $133.00 for the new screen, and labor. I told them that was BS!!! Well to make a long story short, they ended up working w/ me on the sportrak. They replaced the screen, gave me a gps cover and a Manual and charged me nothing!!! They really did come thru for me, and the Sportrak works great!!! Thanks again Magellan!!!

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Tech Support????? How about wait an hour, once an hour and a half, to speak to someone who has nothing to say.


I had problems with the Explorist 600 not being able to give me street to street routing on a simple course which I laid out on some roads I wanted to explore. Well I know now that the device and software is so limited it is not capable of performing this task. It is fine telling me how to get to one place at a time as long as I don't mind taking their route. Recalculating a route is comical. I was on a trip the other day and went off course. So after five miles or so I hit goto and recalc and it wanted to turn me around and drive back along the same path I just came when there were clearly other roads it could have lead me on to get to my destination. It took 10 miles down the road before it released the old route and recalced a new one. Even then it kept sending me out to a road that was clearly miles out of my destination and if I took it I would have traveled 20 miles needlessly.


If you want a GPS device look elsewhere.



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Mixed bag with them. For a while they did not anwser my e-mails, I sent them an e-amil asking why they did not answer and got a reply to say sorry must have been a misunderstanding please resubmit the question.

The latest one I had to rephrase the question twice before I got a straight answer.

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I had already some eMail and telefone contacts with magellan.

Very friendly (email response time were always some days) but they had never a solution for my problems.


Dear Mr XXXX,

Thank you for contacting Thales Navigation Customer Support.


Indeed, .....................

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.


Kind regards,


Thales Navigation Customer Support


Only one time they answered to forward the problem.


I am considering of making a list of improvements for a new firmware release BUT

i am not sure if this info will ever reach the responsible people.

So why spend time an make a list for ???


There would be some nice features to put in the new Firmware.

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I have had a SporTrak Pro for a year with no problems apart from some

firmware bugs which I can live with (everything comes with some bugs

these days). It came with V4.06 firmware. I wanted to try the latest

V5.34, but was worried about not being able to revert back to V4.06 if

I didn't like it - I had read of some serious new bugs. I emailed

Magellan asking for a genuine copy of V4.06 and they sent it to me.

This has enabled me to switch back and forth between the 2 versions so

I could properly try the new one out. This has been my only contact

with Magellan, so I've no complaints about their actual Service to me.


I WOULD LIKE THE BUGS FIXING, but that's another subject.

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Hi embra,


I emailed Magellan on 1 April 2005 and received an automated reply

straight away. The real reply was sent on 12 April 2005 (11 days

later) and included the V4.06 file.


V5.34 has been out for over a year, so I also asked them:


> On your new V5.34 page you have yet to list the "Enhancements and

> Fixes". This would be appreciated by many users. Please add this.


> Is a successor to V5.34 imminent? Should I wait for that? I have

> read of V5.38 and V5.40 but are these officially released? What do

> they add or fix?


to which they only replied:


> Concerning the version 5.34, we don't have information yet about

> changes and improvements, that's why you can't find anything about it

> on our website. The only thing I can tell you is that the version

> 5.34 helps the unit to be compatible with new software.


I've writen commercial software. You can't "not have information about

changes and improvements" a year after it's been released to Customers.


Eddy [uK]

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I just today, 21 june 2005, called Thales customer support.


40 min wait, on hold, customer rep freindly, helpfull, and sent me an e-mail containing everything I asked for while I was on the phone and waited to see that I recieved it.


I am stisfied that if they had a problem with support they are addressing it.


I was not able to fix my GPS over the phone because it died unexpectedly while I was on the phone. The rep sent me the ionstructions I needed to continue the fix and repaire info with an RA # in the e-mail.


I am at a loss now as to how to proceed, repair or replace, my Meri Plat.


Hope this helps.



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The insulation on the USB cord for my E500 is coming away from the "Y" in the center of the cord. I sent an email using the support request form. I had a response the same day asking to confirm shipping location. I replied and got a second response the next day giving me an order number and telling me to expect the cord in 3-5 business days. On day 6 I did not have the cord so I sent another email. I received an email the next day telling me the cords are backordered but my order is in the que and will be shipped when they become available. I will let you know when that happens.



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Magellan seems to have problem with their power cable. Mine did same and the replacement that came in was just like the old one and I used electrial tape to prevent insulation from pulling loose on this one.

yep mine does the same thing I just glued it back with superglue instead of going through the hastle of trying to get one from Magellan

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My MeriGold (RIP... I lost it somewhere) had the battery contact failure problem, and after 2 phone calls got an RMA and shipped it back. When I got it back the next week, it had:


repaired contacts,

new firmware (the latest),

a spare data/cig-lighter cable,

a CD with the latest manual,

all of my waypoints intact.


I couldn't have been happier. Sorry to hear all of the other problem calls but mine sure got handled right.

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I called today and while I waited on hold for nearly 1.5 hours, the person on the other end helped resolve my Magellan issue. He suspected I had a bad unit and since it was relatively new, I should deal with the reseller (TigerGPS). He said my reseller was pretty good on returns. I have since called them and they are very good with returns.


In summary, the person I talked with was helpful, it just seems that they don't have enough of them there to handle the volume of calls.



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I've had two separate experiences of Magellan's customer service, spaced 10 years and two continents apart.


The first time was with an aviation unit called the Nav5000Pro. I'd bought it in Europe and it had the non_US database of navaids/airports/waypoiints. I needed the two eproms which had the US database on. Phoning the head ofice (in Ca) from Tx, I was told that it would take 21 days to "process" my order. I pointed out that I was doing a bunch of flying for the next three weeks and that I really needed the US database as soon as possible. They just didn't seem to grasp the concept of timely customer service.


The next occasion was 10 years later, this time with a SporTrakPro and in the UK. The machine had died just after the warranty period expired. Magellan referred me to the reseller who referred me back to Magellan. Stalemate! I took a chance and effected a repair myself, with limited microsurgery skills.


I'm not at all impressed by Magellan's customer service ethic.


On the other hand, I've heard lots and lots of glowing reports of the excellence of Garmin customer service record. The two companies seem to compare like chalk and cheese.


I don't think my next (4th) GPSr will be a Magellan.


Cheers, The Forester


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1 dead 600 - won't power on


7 long distance phone calls -- 800 number doesn't work in Canada

2 emails to magellan

2 emails to gpscity.ca

1.5H average call time

2 callback requests (why is Canada considered a US state in their system??)

0 call backs.


1 three hour call -- finally get an annoyed tech, who tells me to ship it to Mildmay, Ontario.

3 tries to get repair centre address narrowed down beyond the town.

Finally resort to 411 to get the requisite information.


3 days elapsed at this point.


2 days later the Magellan email is responded to with a diagram of how to hook up the USB cable, no repair / warranty info.


Now two weeks have elapsed.

I'm paying for the shipping costs. ($30, plus all the long distance to Magellan ... about another $15 ) so now I've paid another $45 for an in-warranty unit.


Still waiting for the eXplorist to come home.

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Figured I'd revive this thread due to my experience with Magellan Customer Service.


Begin Rant...

Explorist 210 I bought for my daughter in January worked fine for about 3-4 weeks. Over the time we used it we noticed that the display was starting to fade. Now when we turn it on it just turns black and shows nothing or it comes on so dim you can't read anyting on the screen. I went to Magellans Tech page on the website and filled out the RMA form like it says and waited. No response for 3 days, so I e-mail again, CSR sends me a reply asking me to send the info again saying sorry very busy and it must have been deleted by accident. No problem so I send it again. 3 days later and nothing again. So I call the 800 number and wait & wait & wait. 45 minutes & then a recording comes on saying cust service is now closed please call back.....during buisness hours. I'm Pissed! so I e-mail again & no response again. So this time I call again & this time I'm on hold for over 1 hour and still no answer. Really pissed! got up at 5:30am this morning and started calling the 800# right at 6am. Rang 3 times and WOW! a human being. Told him my problems, he wasn't very receptive to my previous attempts at contact. 10 minutes later i finally get a return # and ups shipping label to return my unit. I asked how long he thought it might take to get it back & he said 8-10 weeks? Seems like way too long to me. Anyway i'm very unhappy with their service not the product. Worked great when it worked. END RANT!

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TERRIBLE. Less than 1 hour after initial charge the backlight died, unit would not put me within 60 feet of a marked go to and froze up several times going to a known cache. Magellan response (after waiting 1.5 hours on phone)? Send unit in for repair! My response - If I wanted a used unit I would buy one off of Ebay. Sent it back got to seller, got a 60 CSx and would NEVER go back to Magellan.

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my gps 320 just stopped receiving satellite signals for no reason. I did all the logical steps: new batteries, reinitializing, etc. It still didn't help, so I sent an email to them highlighting the issue and what steps I had taken and asking for additional advice. Their response took two weeks and was basically a list of the steps I had already taken and had detailed in my email. Their response contained no additional info or ideas and a suggestion that I send it in for repair, with no details of how to do that or what it would cost.


I decided to replace the unit, and was going to buy another magellan based on my satisfaction with the 320. I am somewhat displeased that units in the same price range as the 320 seem to have less functions. I am not a big techie, and don't have much need for increased memory, or fancy download capabilties. I want a compass, decent enough memory and some degree of durability.

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My 200 kept losing POIs. I tried to call. I was on hold for over an hour and then a recorded message said they could not help me. I e-mailed and got an RMA and sent it in. They said it would be, at most, 3 weeks--it was 8 weeks and all they did was exchange it. The firmware was upgraded and it hasn't erased my POIs--yet. Remember, this is a French company.

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My 200 kept losing POIs. I tried to call. I was on hold for over an hour and then a recorded message said they could not help me. I e-mailed and got an RMA and sent it in. They said it would be, at most, 3 weeks--it was 8 weeks and all they did was exchange it. The firmware was upgraded and it hasn't erased my POIs--yet. Remember, this is a French company.

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I tried to use the coupon code I got with the newest MapSend DirectRoute and the Magellan site kicked me off after entering the code. After three 45 minute futile sessions on hold I decided to do what Blucruz did and got up early to call at 6 a.m. Got through, tech support guy said he couldn't get me a new code until his supervisor came in. "Call you back within an hour". Lots of fun hanging around the house all day waiting for a call that never came. Up early the next Monday; got a new code emailed to me. It didn't work so up early once more and the tech guy actually went in and changed their software and my account information so it would accept the new code. Problem solved but man, what a hassle. Wait times are ridiculous; don't waste your time emailing.

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Wait times are ridiculous; don't waste your time emailing.


I have to agree about email. Takes a long time and they may get around to ya.

I did want to say I called to check on the status of my RMA for my XL and I was shocked when I got through within 1-2 minutes. After wait times this month of 45-77 minutes I nearly dropped the phone when the tech picked up!

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I keep hearing the horror stories, but never hear any positive feedback about Magellan's customer service.


Well..... I have nothing but praise for them. Twice.




About a month ago, I bought T3D off eBay for $50 shipped. I wasn't sure which version, but for $50 out the door, who cares. Secretly I was hoping it would be one of the faulty ones shipped right before xmas, hoping to get them to give me the code for T3D DVD that came with my XL. Sure enough, I got Ver. 1.0 and it was corrupt. I called Magellan support. I was on hold for 25 minutes. When the nice lady answered, I told her my problem. She said they would send me another right out. I said I have the DVD and all I needed was the code. Either, it went over her head or she just chose to ignore my statement (snicker...hey, I tried). She said she needed me to fax the receipt. I told her it was a gift, not wanting to bring up eBay, and I didn't have a fax. She asked if I had the box with the UPC code. I said yes and that I could scan it and email it. As soon as she got it, she shipped it and I had it in two days. It was 1.0 but had a sticker saying, Includes 2005 Map Data. Any thoughts about that?




I bought NA Direct Route Ver. 3.0 off eBay for $100 shipped. I was a little disappointed that it was the same cd that came with my XL and that it was in a sleeve and blister packed. Also included was a sheet with the unlock code. The code didn't work. I thought to myself, uh oh, here we go. The first time was too simple. I called and had a 30 minute wait. Gentleman said not a problem. Email him the receipt, which I had, and he would email me a new code. 10 minutes later it was in my inbox.


Best advice I can give is, call early. Phone lines open at 6am pst which is 9am est when I called both times. This advice has been on the board a few times, but I don't think anyone listens.


Anyway, in my opinion, Magellan's service is top notch. Sure, they could use more phone reps. But, that's a double edge sword in itself. Would you rather they go to India, or worse, France to sub out the work. Not me! I have a speaker phone. I'll hold.


Also, I wouldn't trade my XL for any of the others. For all around use, I have not seen another model that can compare. The screen and joystick makes all the difference.


Just my opinion.


- RG

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OK as of 7:33 PM Central time tonight my problem isn't resolved with my DirectRoute v3 coupon code, so I'm really upset. I've been tring for 8 days now to get a software code that works and I've called 6 times, sent one fax and been lied to twice. When I first got it the code in the box didn't work, so I called they were nice and said for me to fax them a copy of my recipt and coupon code and they would e-mail me a new one within 48 hours. So I did and 48 hours later...no e-mail. I called back, they pulled up my case number and apologized and said I would get a coupon code e-mailed to within me in 48 hours. and 48 hours later.....no e-mail. I'm getting a little upset now, so I call back and explain all I want is the software I bought to work. The guy on the phone talks to his supervisor and comes back to me with a new coupon code. Sounds like it's over, right? WRONG!! It didn't work, so I called them back the next day (now REALLY mad) and say "All I want is for my software to work" She tells me they will e-mail me a coupon code within 48 hours, I tell her "I've heard that before!! Am I really gonna get the e-mail this time or are you lying to me like the others?" She assures me I will get the e-mail and say "Yea right". So now I'm waiting another 48 hours. By then this problem will have gone on for 10 days. I'm going on vaction in another week and I really want Directroute for the trip. I'll never buy anything Magellan again, not because of the equipment. I have an explorist 200 and 500 and I love them both. They work GREAT for geocaching. Magellan makes great GPSrs, but I can't handle their horrible customer service. I should have listened to my friend and gotten a Garmen.

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It is now 5:52 PM Central time and still no e-mail. A couple of hours ago I called the Tech Support AGAIN to find out what was going on. I got another Indian who barely speaks English again. He apologized and said I should get and e-mail in 24 hours, now my patience is used up. I bluntly asked, "Is this another lie? I've been lied to 3 times already about e-mail. This is a bunch of crap. I bought this software 2 weeks ago and I still can't get it unlocked. Are you lying to me like the others or am I gonna get this to work this time". After much reassuring (which wasn't very reassuring) I was assured I'd get an e-mail in 24 hours. I said "Sure, I'll be calling back tommorrow". After the coversation with Mr. Indian dude, I decided to call Magellan's Customer Support (instead of Tech Support). I waited for ever on hold and finally got someone who spoke English. But, I was informed there was nothing he could do, he would forward it to a Supervior in Tech support and he would contact me before the end of business day today (another lie I feel, they still have 1 hour left in the business day on the west coast). Magellan is full of lies, I will NEVER buy anything Megallen again. Their GPSr are great, but when you are constantly lied to by Tech Support, then it isn't worth it. I recommend a Garmin for whoever is listening. I'll let you know later on tommorrow about the new lies that Magellan tells me.

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I have been very polite and courteous even yesterday when I was upset. I was patient (for two weeks) I never cussed them (I don't do that anyway) or called them stupid or anything. The most forceful I got was yesterday when I asked "Daniel" if he was lying to me like the other 4 people had who said I would get an e-mail. Which he did lie, because I never got that e-mail either. BUT, they FIANLLY fixed it, they still never e-mailed me or called me to let me know, but it has been fixed. They went in and Manually registered me with their system. I would have never known, but I checked my profile last night and there was "purchase" there for an unlock code for DirectRoute that hadn't been there ealier that day. So, I put in my e-mail and password and serial number and unlocked the software. I would have liked and e-mail or something telling me it had been resolved. They are very unprofessional (not ever responding via e-mail when they had promised too) and you can't understand a word they say with their Indian accent. I hope I never have to deal with them again and I will not buy another Magellan. Like I said I love there product, but I can't stand their customer support. On another note. I did have a problem with my first GPS I ever bought (eXplorist 200), I called them and got a repair authorization, sent it in for repair and everything went fine then. But this last experience has put a very bad taste in my mouth. It is uncalled for for just one employee to lie to you, but for 5 different ones to lie, that reflects the morals of the company. Garmin all the way!!!!

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Something went wrong when I was unlocking BlueChart to my 60Cx and when I tried to xfer charts to the unit, no go. In the process on Garmin's site I saw that the unlock had been issued to "unknown" unit. I used my second unlock key and got a proper unlock to the Cx.


I emailed Garmin and said, "Duh...I don't know if it was you or me but could you restore my lock option on that Unknown unit?" The response took two days, was very courteous, no beating around the bush and the second license to unlock was restored.


My dealings with them go way back from my positon as materials manager with a local seaplane operation and now with the increased automation that you can achieve online...we used to have to send cards back for updates for the aircraft instruments...their service and support is just fine!


I think that to the extent one can use email or live chat or any alternative to "real person right now on the telephone", the frustration level goes W A Y D O W N. In the end service and support should be measured by results, not lap times..

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Something went wrong when I was unlocking BlueChart to my 60Cx and when I tried to xfer charts to the unit, no go. In the process on Garmin's site I saw that the unlock had been issued to "unknown" unit. I used my second unlock key and got a proper unlock to the Cx.


I emailed Garmin and said, "Duh...I don't know if it was you or me but could you restore my lock option on that Unknown unit?" The response took two days, was very courteous, no beating around the bush and the second license to unlock was restored.


My dealings with them go way back from my positon as materials manager with a local seaplane operation and now with the increased automation that you can achieve online...we used to have to send cards back for updates for the aircraft instruments...their service and support is just fine!


I think that to the extent one can use email or live chat or any alternative to "real person right now on the telephone", the frustration level goes W A Y D O W N. In the end service and support should be measured by results, not lap times..


Lesson #1...read topic carefully....oops Magellan isn't even spelled like Garmin is it???

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I phoned Magellan twice right after I bought my explorist 600. No waiting on the phone - fast answer (serial number input) and got an immediate answer to my question. The second call was less than a 5 minute wait and got immediate response to that question (connecting to the computer) as well. I'm very happy with the response I've had and extremely happy with my decision to buy the eXplorist!

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Is it that bad? Please share a brief report if you have had to contact Magellan customer support recently, including how satisfied (or not) you were.


I've contacted Magellan twice about my SporTrak Pro. Both times it was not working due to my own negligence. Both times Magellan replaced it with a brand new unit. Both times it was beyond the warantee period. Both time they also threw in some freebies.


Obviously I'm happy with their customer service.

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I just contacted them about the a/c adapter for my explorist 500 was broken when I received it. Electrical tape would fix the problem but I want a non broken one. I emailed them at about 11pm EST. By the next day at noon I had a reply saying to fax them a proof of purchase and reply to the email w/my shipping address, telephone number and serial number. The reply was returned saying domain does not exist (thalesnavigation.com) So I called them and they found my fax and sent out a replacement. I havent received it yet because this was just yesterday 7/11/06. The first time I called was because my roadmate manager software was not seeing my Roadmate 300. I boxed it up and sent it to them and they sent me a replacement right away. I don't like the fact that its people from oversees answering the telephone. There is a language barrier. Other than that, its all good.

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I purchased Mapsend Topo 3D on ebay for $50. Unfortunately, it was one of the sets from the defective lot. I sent an email to Thales on 4/19/06.


I did not get an immediate reply, so being the impatient person I am, I phoned on 4/20/06 - the next day.

About 15 min wait and I got through. While the female tech support person (who had a very American accent, BTW) was typing in my info, we had a very pleasent and friendly conversation. She gave me a "ticket" number, in case I had to call back and said they would ship out new software right away along with instructions on what to do with the old software. They shipped it the following day.


The next day (4/21/06) I got a reply to my original email asking me to send a copy of my receipt. But, since my software was already enroute, I didn't bother to follow up. My new software arrived two days later along with instructions to simply destroy the defective discs.


This has been my only contact with Thales/Magellan.


No charge, no other questions. The woman I spoke with was very friendly and helpful. I thought it was pretty good tech support....and I really like my Merigold.



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