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Our First Day Of Geocaching

Team 'Xiwolf'
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My wife, son and I did our first three caches today, and I must say we're all hooked. I was very surprised how well my Etrex Legend performed, got us right on top of all 3 caches perfectly, very impressed! Going to do some more tomorrow :P. Hopefully will be setting up a cache of our own soon, does anybody in the U.K know where to buy army decon containers? Any help would be appreciated. If I can't find any I'll use a tuppaware container and some caomouflage netting.


Thanks, :yikes:



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Hey X. I remember when I started I was excited about the fact that I was now aware of all these caches placed nearby that hardly anyone one else knew about. Well, that's just me.


Edit: oh yeah, those Legends are great.


Dodgy Cacher - Is that the latest rock painting here in Iowa?

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Welcome, have fun.  Take any wooden nickles.

Sorry for my ignorance, but what are wooden nickles? :lol:





"Don't take any wooden nickels" is an American phrase that may have originated in first decades of the 20th century as a warning to rural folks and immigrants to be on the watch for scammers trying to take their money. A nickel is the American 5 cent piece (as that is the metal it is made from) much as you may call a penny a copper. Once the phase became popular various folks began imprinting things on wooden disks to use as advertisements, tokens, etc. That practice continues to this day and wooden nickels are popular trade items in geocaches in the United States.

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